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Player Page Creation Guide

Guide Introduction

Player pages are the most popular type of content on; both in terms of page quantity and page views. They are essential for new readers to learn about the current and past competitive TF2 scene, as well as offering an online outlet for the player's publicity and social medias. They are most often linked to on team pages and tournament pages, under the team roster sections. A fully linked team roster (every player on the roster has a player page) substantially increases the readers' perceived quality of the page.

Notability criteria

Player pages are very important for! However, not every player can be documented. The more player pages that are created, the harder it is to maintain the quality of each page and, in turn, the overall quality of the wiki. is also not a website for users to create their own tumblr profile.

Please make sure the player you are creating a page for satisfies at least one of the below criteria:

This criteria is negotiable. If you believe there is a player deserving of a page but they do not satisfy the criteria, ask in the Discord. Everything will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis!

6v6 vs. Highlander near-exclusively supports the 6v6 format of competitive TF2. However, Highlander content may also be submitted to the wiki. Please note that these pages will not receive as much attention (both in terms of contribution and quality checking), and will be excluded from many main templates and categories (e.g. navboxes).

Page Walkthrough

Below is a detailed, annotated walkthrough of what to put on a player page. Click here for the easy to use copy-paste template.