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[e][h]Dick's Fantastic Game
Dick's Fantastic Game sponsered by Flally floof McMuffin
League Information
ETF2L's 6v6 Nations Cup
Flally floof McMuffin
Game Mode:
Europe Europe
Prize Pool:
£ 0,000
Start Date:
End Date:
Total Teams:
Best Player:
Homepage Archive Brackets
First Place Froyotech icon.png
Second Place Epsilon eSports
Semifinalist(s) E-SHOCK ESPORT
Semifinalist(s) AYOGURL
Full of bullocks here
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New InfoBox

Due to the current existance of a Season Infobox and a desire to update comp.tf to have a modern feel to it, this new template was created to avoid conflicting with previous infoboxes and result in losing information, which would be not very benificial.
Credit to Liquipedia for the code and inital template.

Template explanation

{{NewInfobox Season

This brings out the template you will be using.

|name= Dick's Fantastic Game
|image= ETF2LScoutVsScoutCup2.png
|caption= Dick's Fantastic Game sponsered by Flally floof McMuffin

The tournament name, the banner for the infobox and the caption. The caption may be used as the full name for the tournament. If name is left blank, the page name will be used.

|series= | ETF2L's 6v6 Nations Cup

If the tournament is part of a series of tournaments, mention it here. If there is a page or a section of the wiki about the tournament, hyperlinking the series there may be of use.

|organizer= ETF2L
|sponsor= Flally floof McMuffin

For the organizer and sponsors of the tournament.

|gamemode= 6v6

Game Mode may be 1v1, MGE, 2v2, BBall, Ultiduo, 4v4, 6v6, Highlander and Ready Steady Pan. For multiple game modes under one tournament, gamemodeX may be added on.

|type = LAN

Type refers to how the tournament was played. It may be Online for online tournaments, LAN for offline tournaments and Mixed for a mixture of the two.

|country = Europe

Where the event was primarily based. A second location can be added with country2. This section corresponds with Template:Localisation, if a country does not have a flag then no flag will be displayed.

|city = City

The city location

|venue = [http://www.yorkcityfootballclub.co.uk/ KitKat Crescent]

For the use of LAN events.

|format=Group stage, Single Elimination

The format variable should be a short description of the match format and the tournament format (like "Round Robin, Single Elimination" or "Dual Tournament, Double Elimination").

|prizepool= £ 0000

The size of the prize pool

|date =
|sdate = 30-02-2014
|edate = 31-02-2014

Date of the event, or if it spans multiple days, a start and end date may be added.

|totalteams = 169
|totalplayers = 169

Total amount of teams or players that have participated in the tournament. "Total players" is to be used when the competition awards individuals as opposed to teams. An example to this may be an MGE Tournament.

|bestplayer = {{flag|uk}} [[Mike]]

Declared player of the season.

|web= comp.tf
|archive= comp.tf
|brackets= comp.tf

A home page link for the tournament, or if the page gets taken down, an archive link too. Tables are also included. Also has web2 and brackets2


Changes what the hover info displays

|teamfirst= Froyotech
|teamsecond= Epsilon
|teamthird= E-SHOCK ESPORT
|teamthird2= AYOGURL

For team placement in the tournament. If there is a tied third, both teams may be placed. A fourth place may also be added.


Maps that were played in the tournament. A total of 15 maps may currently be added to the list.

|next= ETF2L 6v6 Season 21
|nextlabel= Season 21
|previous= ESEA-IM Season 10
|previouslabel= Season 10

Hyperlinks to the next and previous tournament, if there is a series. The label allows shorter labels to avoid clogging up, if need be.

|footnotes= Full of bullocks here

Additional information desired to be added.


The end of your template.

Template: NewInfobox Season

Copy the content to your page.

{{NewInfobox Season
|type = 
|country = 
|venue =
|format = 
|date =
|sdate = 
|edate = 
|totalteams = 
|totalplayers =
|bestplayer = 
|brackets= |bracketscomment=
|brackets2= |brackets2comment=