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My Gaming Edge Mod (stylized as MGE or MGE Mod), is a competitive training mod developed by My Gaming Edge. The mod puts two players into a small version of competitive maps such as (the) cp_badlands spire. Players spawn with a buff and fight until one player reaches a set number of kills (usually 20). When an enemy is killed, the health and ammo of both players are restored.
The mod itself allows for any map to be used, so long as there are spawn locations for it, though a popular mge_training map is usually used.
MGE is popular for Scout and Soldier training although all 9 classes can use the maps (except for a few which are class set).

The mod was updated to version 2.0.0 on April 15th 2013[1], the update consisted mainly of bugfixes and 2v2 arenas were introduced as well. The advanced stats feature was removed in this version to improve performance and reduce server load.


  • A variety of different 1v1 and 2v2 arenas
  • In-game ELO rating system.
  • In-game menu system with arena queuing.
  • Per-arena class restrictions, configurable via mgemod_spawns.cfg.
  • Highly customizable and configurable. For example, you could use MGEMod to play BBall on cp_badlands, using the spires as hoops if you configured mgemod_spawns.cfg to do so.
  • Voluntary handicap system to even out unfair fights.


The mod has a variety of commands, they can be used through the chat, whether by prefixing any given command with ! (ex !add 5) which shows the command in chat or prefixing it with / (ex /add 5) which doesn't display the command in chat.

  • add OR mgemod [arena number/arena name] - Show the menu of arenas [or directly join an arena]
  • remove - Leave your current arena or queue.
  • top5 - Display the Top 5 rated players.
  • hud OR hidehud - Toggle the display of the text hud overlay
  • rank OR stats [player name] - View your rank [or view another player's rank]
  • first - Join the first available arena.
  • handicap [number] - Reduce your maximum health to a given number, to give a lower skilled opponent a fairer fight. Use "handicap off" to disable.


While the mod supports a variety of maps the one mostly used with the mod is mge_training, as of the latest map version mge_training_v8_beta4b there are 18 arenas as listed below:

  • Viaduct
  • Granary Middle
  • Granary Last
  • Badlands Middle
  • Badlands Spire
  • Gullywash Middle
  • Waste Middle
  • Snakewater Middle
  • Gravelpit C
  • Process Middle
  • Trainyard
  • Turris 1
  • Turris 2
  • Ammomod
  • Ammomod [MGE]
  • No Splash
  • Endif
  • BBall (2v2, 3v3)


MGE is technically a simple 1v1 arena mod. With that said there is many ways to play the mod. The most common battle is soldier vs soldier. Though people also like to practice scout, demoman and sniper. Other classes are typically frowned upon and are commonly banned on community servers. For example, if someone played as a heavy they could very easily spawncamp their opponent on Ammomod [MGE] and make it first kill wins the entire game.

  • The most popular maps for soldier are Badlands Middle, Badlands Spire and Ammomod [MGE]. Most active servers in peak times will have these arenas filled, sometimes with queues.
  • The most popular maps for scout are Badlands Middle, Granary Middle, Granary Last, Waste Middle and Viaduct. Though matchups may be found on ammomod [MGE], Snakewater Middle and Process Middle.
  • The most popular maps for sniper are Granary Middle, Granary Last and Waste Middle. Matchups may be found on Badlands Middle and Gullywash Middle but these maps are more often favoured by scout and soldier players so it can be hard to play consistently as sniper and win.

Optional and Controversial ways to play

  • Shotgun or gunboats? - Soldiers will often decide before playing whether to use shotgun or gunboats as these items can drastically change the way the game is played. It is common to see shotgun used on Ammomod [MGE] as the flat surface makes 4 rocket gameplay less enjoyable.
  • Shotgun switching - Shotgun switching is when a soldier will swap between the rocket launcher (or original) and shotgun between each shot to maximise damage output.
  • Alternate weapons - Weapons such as Direct Hit and Loch n Load are considered bad manners to use. They make it very unfun to play on maps such as Badlands Spire.
  • Running away - The purpose of MGE is to train and get warmed up. People do not like playing against people who run away when they are on low health.
  • Counter jumping - Counter jumping is the act of rocket jumping away when a soldier bombs on top of their opponent. This is controversial because in a real game scenario if a soldier jumps away from their medic then their medic will die.

MGE Hall of Fame[edit]


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