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See also: The Wanted Pages list.

Long Term / Large Projects[edit]

Map Pages[edit]

Leagues and Players[edit]

General Knowledge[edit]

  • Pictures + competitively-focused descriptions of each weapon on its class’ page. - Use the Template!
  • Full descriptions, strategy guides, links to useful assets, etc. for each class in both their Highlander and 6v6 sections.
  • More Glossary terms (this one pretty much never ends, just keep adding things.)
  • Getting Started: A getting started guide, intro to comp. TF2, that consolidates all previous guides. See Talk: Getting Started for direction.
  • Add all the new weapons to all the classes pages, i.e., add all the shields onto the Demoman's page.


  • Adding images to pages, remember to keep filenames as consistent and complete as possible across the entire wiki. Also remember to use the highest quality / best descriptive image of what you want that you can find. Use the Upload page to upload them to the wiki and then embed them accordingly in pages.
  • Categorize and always tag pages accordingly, remember to keep Categories consistent across all pages and the whole wiki. You can check how categories work on wikis Here!
  • Always add maintenance templates to pages accordingly - Use the Templates!
  • If you have any ideas or requests for this site, please leave them at Comp.tf talk:Requests.

Create New Pages[edit]

If you want to know what's missing, visit this page for the most wanted pages. This means those pages were linked in other pages but are not yet created, thus, it is of slightly higher priority to create and expand pages on this list.

In order to create new pages, your account must have at least a few edits and be a few days old. This also includes uploading images.

Expand or Improve current pages[edit]

  • Visit the Stubs category to find pages that have been marked as not containing enough information. Expand them and when you consider that a page has enough relevant information and good quality content you can remove the {{stub}} code snippet from the page.
  • There are pages in need of images to improve the user experience and make it more user-friendly, you can check those pages here. After you think you added enough images to the page, you can remove the {{needimage}} code snippet from that page.
  • There are some pages that contain no information or are outdated. Expand them and when you consider that a page has enough good quality, up to date information you can remove the {{NoInfo} and/or {{Outdated}} code snippet from the page.