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In all competitive formats which involve a Medic, the gameplay focuses on the Medics' ÜberCharge. The outcome of the game is often decided on the difference of the Medics' Über percentages.

What is ÜberCharge Masking?[edit]

An ÜberCharge Masking involves hiding your uber.

being able to hide your Über gives your team advantage to make unexpected pushes and surprising the other team.

Hiding Über[edit]

When ÜberCharge reaches 100%, The Medic will always use the voice line "UBERCHARGE READY!", to hide this we may use any voice menu commands to override that.

Faking Über[edit]


being able to fake Übercharge confuses the other team and even intimidate them to force back out or to risk.


good teams will keep track of ubers, so it's pointless to fake uber.

Binds and Scripts[edit]

// Fake Uber

bind "mouse4" "voicemenu 1 7; say_team FAKE UBER"

// Random Voice

alias "randomvoice" "random1"

alias "random1" "voicemenu 2 1;alias randomvoice random2"

alias "random2" "voicemenu 2 2;alias randomvoice random3"

alias "random3" "voicemenu 2 3;alias randomvoice random4"

alias "random4" "voicemenu 2 4;alias randomvoice random5"

alias "random5" "voicemenu 2 5;alias randomvoice random6"

alias "random6" "voicemenu 2 6;alias randomvoice random7"

alias "random7" "voicemenu 2 7;alias randomvoice random1"

bind f "randomvoice"

// Voice shortcuts

bind "kp_ins" "voicemenu 2 5" //Negative

bind "mouse5" "voicemenu 1 0" //Incoming!

bind "x" "voicemenu 2 2;timeleft" //Cheers

// Uber and notification

alias "+uber" "weapontwo;dropitem;;randomvoice;+attack2"

alias "-uber" "randomvoice;-attack2;say_team UBERED"


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