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Template:ExternalMediaLink helps with formatting for external media links such as interviews or image galleries.


  • date= Use YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • link= Full URL such as http://comp.tf.
  • title= Title to be displayed. Usually the title used in the source is the best choice.
    • If left blank, the URL will be used as the displayed title.
  • by= Name of author of source. If author is represented by organization, use organizational author (e.g. [[teamfortress.tv]]), otherwise use independent author (e.g. [[Beater]]).
  • event= Name of event, this will create an internal link if you do not use the next parameter.
  • event-link= Link for event if not the event name.
  • language= Displays Template:Flag before source link. Leave blank if source is in English.

Copy/Paste Code


Short form:

*{{ExternalMediaLink |date= |link= |title= |by= |event= |event-link= |language= }}


* {{ExternalMediaLink |date=2017-03-22 |link=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZDn0XHr0mw |title=b4nny - An ESA Media Documentary |by= [[Esports Arena]] |event=Rewind 2017 |event-link= |language= }}