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Template:Flag displays a flag icon.




This is the only parameter in the template and is used for defining which country's flag will be shown.

  • All valid settings for flags are listed in the tables below
  • This parameter is case-insensitive.


You type You get
Full name {{flag|United Nations}} United Nations
Alternate name {{flag|world}} United Nations
Abbreviation {{flag|un}} United Nations
No parameter {{flag|}} Unknown
Invalid parameter {{flag|invalid}} Template:Flag/invalid

Valid settings

Note: United Kingdom flags

The individual flags of England England, Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, Scotland Scotland, and Wales Wales should take preference in all possible circumstances over the United Kingdom United Kingdom flag.

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Oman om Oman


Qatar qa Qatar



Yemen ye Yemen

Developer documentation

How this template works

  1. Template:Flag takes the input parameter and calls a sub-template at "Template:Flag/X". For example, {{flag|united nations}} will call Template:Flag/united nations.
  2. This sub-template then in turn calls Template:Flag icon, supplying it with a single parameter ({{Flag icon|X}}). For example, Template:Flag/united nations supplies Template:Flag icon with the single parameter United Nations
  3. Template:Flag icon calls for a flag image at "File:Flag of X.png", and applies formatting such as sizing and a 1px border. For example, if Template:Flag icon is given the parameter United Nations, it will supply File:Flag of United Nations.png (United Nations).

How to add a flag

If you wish to add a flag, the following requirements must be followed:

Image size

  • Width: equal or less than 23px
  • Height: equal or less than 15px
  • Aspect ratio: retained from source flag

If your flag is a custom flag (e.g. North America), we recommend a 23x15px flag which has a 2:3 ratio.


  • Your flag should be uploaded to File:Flag of ProperFlagName.png, where ProperFlagName is the full name of your flag with correct capitalization
  • Make sure you add your flag image to Category:Flag Images.

Update templates

  • Create a template at Template:Flag/lowercaseflagname, where lowercaseflagname is the full name of your flag in complete lowercase. This template should contain the code below:
{{Flag icon|'''ProperFlagName'''}}<noinclude>[[Category:Flag sub-templates]]</noinclude>
  • Create a template at Template:Flag/abbr, where abbr is the lowercase abbreviation of your flag. This template should be a simple redirect to the primary sub-template (Template:Flag/lowercaseflagname)
    • If your template has any alternate names or abbreviations, create them as simple redirects to the primary sub-template as well
  • Add your flag to the correct table in the documentation template.