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Credit to Liquipedia
Template meant to be used when presenting a 6 man team on a tournament page. With only logo displayed until it's hovered and the roster is revealed.


X will denote a number from 1 to 5, 1 is the top row and 5 the bottom.

Name of the team and link to the page if different. If set to 0, no link will show.
To be used to insert a reference if there was some change with the team or whatever.
Image file link (no File: or Image: before this)
Max size is 140x140px, can use the regular image size input ways of just width (140px) or height (x140px) to make the image fit into the template.
Superscript text that appears next to the team name.
Player name.
Player nationality/flag only 2 letter code in lower case is needed.
Player's main team if playing on a secondary team (e.g. national teams). Must have main team's proper capitalisation.
Alternate image file to be used for main team icon.
If a team has different roles. E.g. |rolepocket={{Icon|pyro}} will show the Pyro pyro icon in place of the Pocket Soldier pocket icon.
If a team has a coach/7th player. Can be used with |coachflag= and |rolecoach= just like the other player parameters. E.g. set |rolecoach={{abbr|S|Substitute}} to show "S" instead of the coach icon.
How the team qualified for the event, i.e. "Invited". Can also be a link.


|scout1=kileR4fuNN |scout1flag=pt
|scout2=basH. |scout2flag=de
|roamer=Tek |roamerflag=fr
|pocket=Mike |pocketflag=uk
|demoman=WARHURYEAH |demomanflag=uk
|medic=KnOxXx |medicflag=fr
Scout  Portugal kileR4fuNN 
Scout  Germany basH.
Roamer  France Tek
Pocket  United Kingdom Mike
Demoman  United Kingdom WARHURYEAH
Medic  France KnOxXx


|scout1= |scout1flag=
|scout2= |scout2flag=
|roamer= |roamerflag=
|pocket= |pocketflag=
|demoman= |demomanflag=
|medic= |medicflag=
All variables
|scout1= |scout1flag= |rolescout1= |scout1team= |scout1teamimg=
|scout2= |scout2flag= |rolescout2= |scout2team= |scout2teamimg=
|roamer= |roamerflag= |roleroamer= |roamerteam= |roamerteamimg=
|pocket= |pocketflag= |rolepocket= |pocketteam= |pocketteamimg=
|demoman= |demomanflag= |roledemoman= |demomanteam= |demomanteamimg=
|medic= |medicflag= |rolemedic= |medicteam= |medicteamimg=
|coach= |coachflag= |rolecoach=