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Week maps

One useful addition to the "This Week's Maps" section would be to change the map titles to their in-game names (ie. cp_gullywash_final1) so that people don't need to go any further than the front page if they want to know what map they might need to put on a server, or 'changelevel' to.

The benefit is, is easy to remember and people can use the in-game browser to find the front page and figure out what version of a map they need to be using. It's not always the case that the 'latest' version of a map is being used, or that the name of such is easily memorised. Maxim (talk) 04:09, 15 December 2013 (WET)

discussion meta

Where would be the right place to discuss how the Map articles are designed? Same thing about the League pages. Which, is the correct page to be talking about classes (groups) of pages? I want to see certain things happen across all League articles, and I don't know where to stage a discussion. Maxim (talk) 07:07, 10 July 2013 (WEST)

Weapon Page Template

Let me know what you think.

Shadowtroop (talk) 14:48, 5 July 2013 (WEST)

Looks way too detailed. I think we don't actually need pages for separate weapons, but even if, we don't need to go over every single gamemode, as the playstyle on all of them will be similar, due to the upsides/downsides of each weapon. --Atlas (talk) 17:27, 5 July 2013 (WEST)

For the more technical weapons (Kunai, FaN, All the medigus) it is most definetely required. But for things like the shovel, I can understand what you mean.

Shadowtroop (talk) 02:42, 6 July 2013 (WEST)

Homepage suggestions

Maybe add a table to the home page with the current champions for every league would be good for newcomers to see who to look up to? Tell me what you think. --Kaneco (talk) 01:40, 3 July 2013 (WEST)

I've been meaning to make an ongoing/upcoming events page. May get on that soonish. --Atlas (talk) 17:27, 5 July 2013 (WEST)


This site could use some. I don't know enough 'wiki' to not stuff this up, does anyone know wiki-fu? An About template (disambiguation hatnote), intext citation which point to footnotes, stub articles, ??? . I created Template:Hatnote already.

Maxim (talk) 19:17, 1 July 2013 (WEST)

Will look into that tomorrow

--Kaneco (talk) 01:40, 3 July 2013 (WEST)

Well what I discovered is that most templates used on other wikis have no extension dependencies, but they have a lot of other templates dependencies, so for example importing a player infobox template from liquipedia would need not only to import that template but 10-15 other templates used in it, which is not feasible. So the best solution is to create them ourselves, you can look up here how to do it here

--Kaneco (talk) 23:40, 3 July 2013 (WEST)

Sure, take it case by case though. Some of those dependencies might be necessary to port anyway. -Maxim (talk) 05:33, 4 July 2013 (WEST)

Will get cracking on these. --Atlas (talk) 17:27, 5 July 2013 (WEST)


The problem is, this convention looks really ugly when in the title of the page (see:Cp_granary) The first letter is forced to be capitalised (no good), and you can't see the underscore as it's covered by the line break. A layout change needs to happen should this one be implemented. -Maxim (talk) 06:13, 2 July 2013 (WEST)

Map pages should be named in full with no version numbers (ex: koth_viaduct_pro not koth_viaduct_pro_v5, cp_process not cp_process_b3) , and map images as well, with the exact same name, at least for thumbnail purposes to be easier to use in templates, if anyone has time please start renaming map images to the proper name without version (I mean do this only for the main thumbnail of the map (ex: cp_granary.png) for specific images of version or other areas of the map let it be). If maps have different versions these should be talked about inside the map page not in the title Also, I transformed the mainpage table with this week maps into a template, but we need to rename the map pages and map images first before using it so it works well


--Kaneco (talk) 23:40, 3 July 2013 (WEST)

I reckon a good use for that table, would be to link the images of the Week's maps, to our wiki page for that week in the season of the league. Those pages can be used to link to any relevant content for that week. Like a Media Centre.

  • Notable matches
  • Casts
  • Links to logs
  • VODs
  • Links to the weeks matchups.
  • written content

A navbox would be useful to navigate though each week of a season (in a league).

The name of the map below the image can link to the maps' page on our wiki, as per normal. -Maxim (talk) 08:38, 6 July 2013 (WEST)


Please remove the extra blank lines at the head of this page, it adds disgusting whitespace :P 02:07, 3 March 2014 (CST)

I think I fixed it, let me know if it's good for you. --Kaneco (talk) 10:50, 3 March 2014 (CST)

Ashville Image

The ashville.png is a non-existent file, ashville.jpg however is an existing screenshot of ashville used on the ashville page so a quick change for that image to used ashville.jpg rather than ashville.png would put an image of the map on the frontpage
Added ashville.png - it's slightly larger and takes in a bit more of the map in the image. --Efefknee (talk) 06:41, 17 March 2015 (CDT)

Weapon pages have been created

Every single weapon that has a link on a classes page now have redirects (except a few). If anyone wants to then go and edit these pages so they contain information instead of redirects they may.Rezh (talk) 06:56, 12 April 2015 (CDT)

New featured article

Could we get a new featured article on the front page please? The current one has been here for a while. --Rezh (talk) 00:34, 25 April 2015 (CDT)

I would have liked to write in the recent InfoShow 2015 LAN, but it seems like there isn't much information available about it. Do you have anything you want to put up in the featured article? --Efefknee (talk) 10:26, 25 April 2015 (CDT)
Seeing as the BBall and the BBall CompTF articles just left {{stub}} status, I think they should be shown for a month or two to bring more attention to a little-known competitive format. --Rezh (talk) 05:40, 26 April 2015 (CDT)

Since I don't think a wall of text should be copy-pasted here, I will link two threads that contain a few concerns I have about the addition of adverts on this wiki:

--garlic (talk) 18:34, 13 December 2015 (UTC)