Sniper (6v6)

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Sniper is an offclass on most maps, most often run to defend the last point in 5CP maps. Generally, if a team needs him, one of the Scouts will change class to Sniper. While arguably the most dangerous class in the game, Sniper relies heavily on sight lines in a map, and his own team's ability to relay enemy positions. He is also rather ineffective when confronted by a Scout or roaming Soldier, forcing him to stay as far away from the area he is defending as possible, waiting to punish enemies who overextend. Who he must target depends on the situation, but the Medic is almost always a good pick, especially if the enemy team has an Uber advantage. Players in the enemy combo such as the Demoman and the Pocket Soldier are also good picks, and killing one of them can turn the tide of the game.


Before switching from Scout to Sniper, consider the costs of doing so; Sniper has average movement speed and capture rate, and poor direct combat capabilities. If you choose to switch, focus on picking off dangerous enemies from a distance.

Try to get picks without putting yourself at too much risk. While passing up a free kill on a Soldier or Scout may open up an opportunity for a Medic pick, taking the shot will give your team a numbers advantage. Consider using the scoreboard to identify high-value targets; if an enemy player has an unusually high score, he is likely giving your team trouble - try to kill him first if the opportunity arises. Even if you don't have time to charge up a shot, an uncharged headshot will greatly weaken enemies, who will often have little choice but to retreat, taking pressure off your team.

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