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The Heavy is a key part of any Highlander team. As the class with the biggest health pool of all, the Heavy serves as the Medic's primary defense and the team's damage sponge. He and the Demoman stay close to the Medic at all times as part of the so-called combo.


The Heavy isn't considered a fragging class by itself; it is not the Heavy's purpose to spearhead attacks or pushes; he serves as a protector of the Medic and a detriment to any opponent who tries to get in his range of fire. As a deadly class in close quarters, the Heavy makes the best pocket candidate for a Medic - being able to deny both ground classes and jumpers alike - and vice versa; the Heavy's slow movement speed and lack of mobility, which severely hamper the Heavy's dodging ability, causes the Medic to keep the healing beam on the Heavy for most of the time.

The Heavy's huge health pool allows him to absorb damage and block spam, but only to a certain degree. Ideally, a Heavy should not ever go below 300 HP, as his lack of mobility combined with enemy focus fire will take him down quickly at that point. Because of that, even though his potential damage output is very high, the Heavy should carefully pick his fights.

Positioning and game sense are the biggest assets in a Heavy, as the class itself is not particularly difficult.

Unlockable weapons[edit]

The Heavy has a few unlockable weapons that are considered useful in a Highlander environment.

Primary weapons[edit]

When it comes to primary weapons, the stock Minigun has been, throughout the history of competitive TF2, widely regarded as the optimal option, as other miniguns have considerable downsides that limit the Heavy's damage-dealing abilities. As of the Gun Mettle update, the Heavy has been given a much more versatile arsenal. The Tomislav has become, as a result, the weapon of choice for many Heavies throughout the ranks of Highlander due to its faster rev-up time and its negligible downsides. The Minigun is still as versatile as before, while the Natascha has also earned some situational usage for its ability to deny Scouts and other, very mobile, classes.

Secondary weapons[edit]

Almost all Highlander Heavies use the Sandvich at all times. A Sandvich dropped on the floor can serve as an emergency medium health pack for a hurt Medic.

Melee weapons[edit]

  • Gloves of Running Urgently - In the past considered as the best melee weapon for the Heavy, but they have been modified. It has a slow maximum health drain, but the speed boost still comes useful for rolling out on 5CP maps.
  • Fists of Steel - The new alternative after the GRU's nerf. The Fists of Steel reduce the damage taken by the Heavy by non-melee weapons, and with that they also give him a getaway possibility. They do not however boost the Heavy's speed in any way, so it is advisable that on long maps the Soldier should run the Disciplinary Action.
  • Eviction Notice - For Heavies who dislike the GRU's fast maximum health drainage, the Eviction Notice is often their go-to melee. This melee weapon drains health slower than the GRU and grants a speed boost thats slower than the GRU. Hitting an enemy with this grants a small speed boost after the hit.

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