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[e][h]Medicicon.png CeeJaey
Player Information
Carlos Jiménez
Years Active:
2011 - Present
Papa Carlos
ETF2L Player Page
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First Place 6v6 Platinum Season 18 DeutschLAN 2015 HL Platinum Season 17 HL Season 9 HL Platinum Season 18 HL Season 10 DeutschLAN 2016 BlackOutTV Highlander Invitational #1 HL Platinum Season 20 HL Season 11 BlackOutTV Highlander Invitational #2

Second Place HL Platinum Season 21 HL Season 12 HL Season 13

Third Place/Semifinalist(s) HL High Season 8 HL Platinum Season 19
Third Place/Semifinalist(s) ETF2L 6v6 Season 28: High
Prize Money



2014 - 2014
4:3 Brigade


2011 - 2014
Warrior Nation
2014 - 2015
Skills to pay the Bills
2015 - Present

CeeJaey is a British Highlander player, who leads and plays Medic for Strong Opinions in ETF2L Premiership and UGC Platinum. He is also a regular Highlander caster for BlackOut TV. With over €3100 earned, he is the highest grossing Highlander player of all time.


CeeJaey started out his Highlander career in the UGC North American scene with the team Warrior Nation. Starting out on Medic playing in Steel, the team soon rose up the divisions until they reached Platinum. After 6 seasons together the team folded due to real-life commitments. CeeJaey began playing for a number of different teams in Platinum across NA and EU, playing many different classes, including Soldier, Demo, Heavy & Spy. After deciding to focus on ETF2L, he joined the team Skills to pay the Bills, playing Heavy in Season 6 and Demoman in Season 7.

Skills to pay the Bills folded following Season 7, so CeeJaey began to look for a new Highlander team, intending to return to the role of Medic after more than a year away from the class. He joined a team project named He-Man and the Masters of the Universe; the team went on to win the 6th ETF2L Experimental Highlander Cup. However roster issues arose after the cup, and during Season 8, resulting in CeeJaey taking over leadership of the team and rebranding it as 'Strong Opinions'. They would go on to finish 3rd in High, gaining promotion to the Premiership division for Season 9. Strong Opinions went on to win the title in their first season in the top flight. After helping the side win their maiden UGC Platinum title in S18 shortly after, CeeJaey would go on to lead Strong Opinions to a period of dominance that saw them become the most successful team of all time, winning another UGC title, two more ETF2L Premiership titles, two BOTV Invitational titles and DeutschLAN 2016. During this time he was awarded 'Medic of the Season' in Season 11.

CeeJaey also spent time with Checkers in 2015, with whom he would go on to win UGC Highlander Season 17 & DeutschLAN 2015, making him one of only two players to have won both Highlander LAN titles. He has also represented the Spanish National Highlander team in the past three Nations Cups, captaining them in 2017.


CeeJaey began casting in the summer of 2014 for BlackOut TV, during ETF2L's Highlander Nations Cup. He went on to become a popular play-by-play caster and end up casting the finals for nearly every major Highlander tournament since his debut, including the Highlander Open Final, UGC Platinum Finals, ETF2L League & Nations Cups finals, and the i52 Highlander tournament.

ETF2L hosts an award show show after each season, and CeeJaey won 'Caster of the Season' in Seasons 7[1], 8[2], 10[3], & 12[4]. He was runner-up for Seasons 9 & 11. With a total of 5 awards, he is the 2nd-highest awarded Highlander player of all time, only behind Stevepander.