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An invaluable defense tool, the Engineer's sentries, dispensers, and teleporters are very helpful to defend a point or cart. On offense, the Engineer is able to consolidate the ground gained by his team, and assist them in getting to the battle faster.


Main article: Engineer (6v6)

In 6v6, the Engineer is considered an offclass. Most often used on the map cp_gravelpit, the Engineer is only used to defend last on most maps. The main purpose of the Engineer and his sentry in 6v6 is to soak up damage and waste uber to let his team pop later. Occasionally, it may get a few kills as well, but for the most part, the engineer waits for his sentry to die, then switches to his main class to get cleanup frags. It is important to note that a well-placed Sentry can prevent the other team from pushing in with a Kritzkrieg, as they will not be invulnerable and the Engineer's Sentry will only take base damage from critical hits.


Main article: Engineer (Highlander)

The Engineer's main job in Highlander is to defend points and deny areas to the other team. Through the use of the Sentry Gun, the Engineer is easily able to defend and stall for a point in time. However, Highlander presents a new risk in the form of the Spy, whose Sapper can destroy the Engineer's buildings. The Engineer can also use such tools as The Wrangler and The Gunslinger to be more effective on offense or to assist in the defense. The Engineer is also often used to push the cart on Payload maps.



Weapon 4v4 6v6 Highlander
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The Shotgun is the default weapon for Engineer. Most engineers will stick to this shotgun for its reliability. Unlike other shotguns, the "stock" Shotgun has a clip large enough to kill three enemies without stored crits, allowing Engineers to engage multiple enemies at once in favorable circumstances. Additionally, the Shotgun's large clip doesn't punish engineers for missing a few shots.
Frontier Justice.png
Frontier Justice
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The Frontier Justice is a shotgun that stores critical hits for every assist and kills that the Engineer's sentry earns. The Frontier Justice is useful when the Engineer stays away from large fights and sticks to one-on-one encounters, where the high burst-damage and short clip are most effective. The weapon is most commonly seen in King of the Hill maps, though overall most Engineers prefer a larger clip and don't use it in competitive play. Some engineers switch to Frontier Justice after respawning with a sentry with kills on it, then switch back to stock after dying.
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The Widowmaker is a shotgun that consumes metal on firing it and gains metal for damage done to an enemy. It costs 30 Metal per shot, but the weapon never reloads (It is instantly "reloaded" by picking up metal). The Widowmaker is rarely seen in competitive play because it restricts mid-range spamming and heavily punishes missing enemies. Engineers rely heavily on their sentries, so they can't take the risk of using up all their metal for a bit of damage. Ideally, the weapon could be used as a source of metal by dealing more than 30 damage with every shot, allowing the Engineer effectively infinite metal, but this process can be slow and risky because of the proximity to enemies required for that much damage.
Pomson 6000.png
Pomson 6000
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The Pomson 6000 is a 4-shot laser weapon that drains Cloak and Über on hit (if a Medic is hit by the laser he will lose 10% ÜberCharge and if a Spy is hit by it he will lose 20% cloak). The further away a target is, the less of the Cloak or Über is drained. It is banned in some leagues because competitive Team Fortress 2 revolves around ÜberCharge advantages and the Pomson 6000 actively undermines this by allowing an Engineer to deplete an opposing ÜberCharge quickly and outside of normal league gameplay (killing the enemy Medic).
Rescue Ranger.png
Rescue Ranger
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The Rescue Ranger is a weapon that heals friendly buildings for 60 hp on hit with a 4 hp to 1 metal cost. It fires arrow-like projectiles that do moderate damage to enemies. For the cost of 100 metal, an Engineer can use the secondary attack (default MOUSE2) on his buildings to instantly pick them up and haul them. While carrying buildings, the Engineer takes mini-crit damage. Engineers use the Rescue Ranger, with growing popularity, with level 3 sentries to kite ubers and heal buildings from a safe distance. This weapon allows the Engineer to stop turtling a nest and move the buildings to more useful, spread-out locations to aid his team more efficiently.
Panic Attack.png
Panic Attack
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The Panic Attack is a community-created primary weapon for the Engineer, and a secondary weapon for the Soldier, Pyro, and Heavy.

The Panic attack has a straight 20% damage penalty from the stock shotgun, but it fires 1.5 times the pellets in a single shot. The switch-to speed increases by 50%. This weapon is good with combo-based strategies due to it's faster deploy time. Even more so, it will do slightly more damage (108 vs 90 for stock shotgun) at point blank.


Weapon 4v4 6v6 Highlander
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The Pistol acts the same as the Scout's Pistol, except it has 200 spare shots instead of 36, which is, in practice, limitless. It holds 12 shots, and all of them reload at once. It will usually be paired up the Gunslinger to constantly damage the enemy even after running out of Shotgun ammo or to conserve Frontier Justice crits.
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The Wrangler allows you to manually control your sentry giving you the ability to shoot farther ranges the sentry won't attack it's own. When controlling it, the sentry will get a protective shield around it that makes all incoming damage do 66% to it but also reduces ammo and repair given to a shielded sentry. It is extremely useful at holding a point on a Payload map, however, it will be much easier for you to be backstabbed since you'll have to focus more. The Wrangler doubles the firing speed of the sentry and has a slight "aim-assist" that locks the sentry's aim to the enemy's chest, but at longer ranges, there is significant bullet spread, although there is no damage falloff. Upon death, a wrangled sentry will be protected for 3 seconds but also disabled, similar with switching off the wrangler.
Short Circuit.png
Short Circuit
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The Short Circuit fires a medium-range projectile ball that clears projectiles and damages players for 65 metal per shot fired.


Weapon 4v4 6v6 Highlander
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The Wrench is the default melee weapon for the Engineer. It allows you to repair and upgrade buildings for 25 metal per hit. It has no side-effects and is the base all other Wrenches are based on. While Wrenches are one of the few items in the game that differ widely between different players, the Wrench is commonly used.
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The Gunslinger allows you to place mini-sentries, but they cannot be upgraded and start at only 50% health. They only cost 100 metal each and build faster than normal level 1 Sentries, however, they also have a higher rate of fire and do less damage per shot. It also gives the Engineer +25 hp. It will usually be used when attacking on a Payload map or in a 5CP and KOTH, since you will constantly be pushing the cart / moving back and forth on the control points, and will rarely need to control the same place for a long period of time. Metal gibs left by a minisentry will grant ammo but not metal.
Southern Hospitality.png
Southern Hospitality
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The Southern Hospitality causes the enemy to bleed for 5 seconds upon getting hit. As a downside, the Engineer will receive 20% increased fire damage. This weapon is useful for tracking Spies since the bleed will show on a cloaked Spy. It will show on a Dead Ringer Spy if what caused the feign was the wrench itself, and not the bleed. The fire weakness is negligible in 6v6 because Pyro is considered an offclass.
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The Jag has a -25% damage penalty, but it allows the Engineer to build 30% faster. The improvement to build speed for buildings is negligible, however, some Engineers find the buff to the rebuild speed, after setting down a building, useful for setting up on the next point after your team loses the preceding point. The jag also has a +15% swing speed in addition to a 20% repair penalty, allowing the maximum repair but hit to be 80hp /swing as opposed to the wrench's 100hp /swing.
Eureka Effect.png
Eureka Effect
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The Eureka Effect allows the Engineer to teleport between spawn and a teleporter exit at the press of your reload key. The teleport animation takes 2 seconds. The construction hit speed boost is decreased by 50% in comparison to the default wrench and causes The Engineer to gain 20% less metal from dispensers and ammo pickups. The wrench also gives teleporters a 50% reduction in metal cost, reducing it from 50 to 25, as well as a reduction in upgrade costs, making it only 200 metal to fully upgrade from level 1 to level 3.


Weapon 4v4 6v6 Highlander
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The PDA allows the Engineer to create his buildings at the cost of reserve metal.
Destruction PDA.png
Destruction PDA
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The Destruction PDA allows the Engineer to instantly destroy any of his currently deployed buildings, regardless of how far away he is from them. It is sometimes useful to destroy one's buildings, as scrap metal dropped provides +100 ammo for teammates. If an Engineer explodes his own sentry while the Frontier Justice is equipped it works like a enemy destroyed his building and he is granted revenge crits if he has a kill or assist.


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