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Bradford Ross
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First Place ESEA-O Season 4 ESEA-I Season 5 ESEA-IM Season 8 Insomnia46 ESEA Invite Season 12
Second Place ESEA-O Season 2 ESEA-IM Season 10
Third Place/Semifinalist(s) ESEA-I Season 3 ESEA-I Season 6 ESEA-I Season 9 ESEA Invite Season 13
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Bradford "PYYYOUR" Ross was an American ESEA-Invite player who was known for his exceptional understanding of the game, and his ability to maincall under any situation. He is a two time ESEA-Invite Champion and a former World Champion when he won i46 with Classic Mixup.


iDemise + compLexity Gaming[edit]

PYYYOUR started playing ESEA-O with team iDemise but joined compLexity during Season 2 as Medic. The team quickly made playoffs, scoring (6-2-0) in their regular season and taking second in playoffs. In Season 3, the team joined ESEA-I and placed second in playoffs. Although PYYYOUR left this team shortly after season 3, compLexity Gaming later picked him up again for ESEA-I Season 5 and ESEA-I Season 6, making playoffs in both seasons, and taking first and third place respectively. PYYYOUR rejoined iDemise as the team and went (14-2-0) in Season 7 and won Open.

The Experiment[edit]

Rejoining ESEA-I, PYYYOUR was picked up by The Experiment, a team which included players like dummy and TLR. The team proved to be one of the best in ESEA-I, finishing their season (14-2-0), placing second seed. During playoffs however Classic Mixup was able to beat the team and thus The Experiment placed third. PYYYOUR left to play invite with closer friends, known as Dead Dazzle.

Dead Dazzle[edit]

Teaming up with players like seanbud, zbryan, and Lange, PYYYOUR competed in ESEA-IM from invite again, going head to head against upcoming teams such as Pinball Wizards, Leviathan Gaming, and xensity. Although the team scored the highest in the season (14-2-0), Dead Dazzle placed second in playoffs, after Pinball Wizards.

Mihaly's Flow[edit]

Despite being a one season team, Mihaly's Flow demonstrated a higher level of TF2, taking important wins off of previous winners, Quantic Gaming and Classic Mixup in their regular seasons going 1st in the regular season with a 15-1 record. But the team didn't perform as expected at LAN and finished the season 4th overall.

Classic Mixup[edit]

Along with Ruwin and harbleu, PYYYOUR merged with Classic Mixup. The team entered ESEA-I Season 12 with high hopes for the season and Insomnia46. In both, Classic Mixup were completely undefeated, dropping on a Single Map in Grand Final of Insomnia46 in what was perhaps PYYYOUR's most notable finish.

LAZER BEAMS/Fully Torqued/Top Guns[edit]

In Season 13 PYYYOUR played Demoman with former teammate A_Seagull, who played both Scout and Soldier in team Fully Torqued. Although applying unusual tactics such as forfeiting against top teams like High Rollers Gaming and Classic Mixup, PYYYOUR claimed he had computer issues during the time, while the community speculated that the team forfeited multiple matches intentionally, the team guaranteed themselves fourth seed in playoffs. Despite being the underdogs the team took third place overall, beating tri hards in the process. In Season 14 however, PYYYOUR and the team took sixth place (7-9-0) which affected his ambitions of participating in Insomnia49. This was PYYYOUR's last season in ESEA before quitting the game.


After a long sabbatical from Competitive Video Games, PYYYOUR eventually started playing competitive Overwatch professionally with organisation Splyce as their captain. He competed in the group stages of the Overwatch Open with other ex-TF2 players like Clockwork, Shrugger and Ninjanick.

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