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Ma3la casting at Rewind LAN 2017.
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Wyatt River
Years Active:
2011 - 2016,
2017 - 2017
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First Place ESEA-IM Season 14 TeamFortress.TV Fall Classic Game Sense Monthly Mayhem: North America ESEA Invite Season 20
Second Place ESEA Invite Season 17 ESEA Invite Season 18 ESEA Invite Season 19 ESEA Invite Season 21 ESEA Invite Season 22 ESEA Invite Season 25
Third Place/Semifinalist(s) ESEA-IM Season 11 ESEA Invite Season 15
Fourth Place ESEA Invite Season 16 Insomnia55
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Wyatt "Ma3la" River is a competitive TF2 player, known for his raw DM and aggressive playstyle on Roaming Soldier. Ma3la's debuted in ESEA-Invite with xensity and he has since played on the likes of eLevate TF2, Ascent and RONIN gg. Ma3la's middle fights are sometimes criticized for being repetitive, despite its incredible effectiveness. His most notable win was in ESEA-I Season 20 with Ascent.



Unlike other TF2 Invite veterans, Ma3la's history in open teams is quite brief (he got bumped to IM in 2 seasons), and the team's standings turns out to be overall negative. Although Ma3la might have done extremely well individually, his team could not perform to match the tempo and power the other teams played at, such as Beybladers, High Rollers Gaming, or xensity.


In 2011, Ma3la joined his first ESEA-O team, Mutiny. Ma3la played Soldier for Mutiny in ESEA-O Season 9, and the team finished 19th in playoffs.

BIG BOYS[edit]

The team currently known as BIG BOYS was Ma3la's second team and he played for them for season 10. The team went (10-6-0) in their regular season, but instantly got eliminated from playoffs after two matches.

Move us to IM[edit]

Ma3la's ESEA-IM experience started on Season 11, again playing Soldier for the team. The team went (11-5-0) in the regular season, but Ma3la left the team and committed to another team mid-season.

Watch The Throne[edit]

Perhaps distraught from his team's performance last season, Ma3la joined mid-season and committed with ESEA-IM team, Watch The Throne. In season 11, the team did not manage to make playoffs and only scored (5-11-0). Despite this shaky start, the team managed to reform with the addition of Ma3la and change drastically in performance for season 13, scoring (9-7-0), and 7th in playoffs, under the well known, Vector Gaming. In season 13 the team stopped playing and dropped out of the season.


Ma3la's invite career began on xensity, a team coming from intermediate. xensity was invited for season 13, the same time Ma3la's old team died. Ma3la, nevertheless, was picked up by xensity, and played with other well known players like smaka and relic. xensity placed a solid mid-invite score, coming in 5th place with (9-6-0) in the regular season. The team took wins against teams like tri hards and Don't Trip.

Runaway 5[edit]

In ESEA-I Season 14, Ma3la was picked up by Runaway 5, but eventually left near the beginning of the season, unable to commit and ended up backing up for a different team in IM. Ma3la was replaced by djc, and the team went (5-11-0) in the regular season.

lost in translation/Exertus eSports/eLevate/Ascent/RONIN/the "Ma3la" teams[edit]

For ESEA-I Season 15, Ma3la committed to a different North American team. The team was originally named "lost in translation", however they took up different sponsors such as eLevate and RONIN gg. Playing with other players of great talent, such as alfa, smaka, Bdonski, Sezco, and Decimate, this team was expected to develop into a strong playoff contender. The team saw excellent performance from the season, placing third in the regular season (12-4-0), and placing third also in playoffs, right under the powerhouse team, iT. In season 16, both Classic Mixup and froyotech took the top two spots for playoffs. However, newer upcoming invite team Street Hoops eSports stole third place from Ma3la's team, which was then sponsored by Exertus eSports. In ESEA-I Season 17, the team took a surprising second place right under froyotech, knocking out Classic Mixup from playoffs, which led to the disbanding of the legendary Classic Mixup. Ma3la's team, now called eLevate, went undefeated in the regular season. The next season was more shaky for Ma3la and his team, taking fourth in playoffs after numerous roster changes. Ma3la's team, Ascent, went (11-5-0), but took second again, right under froyotech. The big debate of ESEA-I (Invite) soon became all about the classic matchup, Ascent vs. froyotech. The team introduced a deadly Soldier duo, rando and Ma3la. Together with both Soldier's incredible DM ability and rando's shotgun-pocket ability. In season 19 playoffs, Ascent knocked froyotech to the lower bracket finals. However, froyotech came back from the lower brackets in a match against Team SoloUber and took two consecutive wins against Team SoloUber and Ascent, stealing first from Ma3la again. However in season 20, similar happened, except the playoff contenders, Team SoloUber took one of their first playoff wins against froyotech, eliminating them from playoffs for the first time in the team's existence. Ma3la and his team went on to win the ESEA-I Season 20 grand finals in a decisive match against Team SoloUber. The team secured second in the two following seasons, failing to defeat froyotech's new roster.

Latest Tournament Matches[edit]

Date Tournament With Result Versus
2017-09-01 ESEA ESEA Invite Season 25 Ascent Ascent Icon.png 0−2 Froyotech icon.png froyotech
2017-08-23 ESEA ESEA Invite Season 25 Ascent Ascent Icon.png 2−0 TF icon.pngGnomercy
2017-08-18 ESEA ESEA Invite Season 25 Ascent Ascent Icon.png 1−2 Froyotech icon.png froyotech
2017-08-11 ESEA ESEA Invite Season 25 Ascent Ascent Icon.png 2−0 TF icon.pngGnomercy
2017-07-20 ESEA ESEA Invite Season 25 Ascent Ascent Icon.png 1−0 Meat Market Icon.png Meat Market
2017-07-19 ESEA ESEA Invite Season 25 Ascent Ascent Icon.png 0−1 Froyotech icon.png froyotech
2017-07-14 ESEA ESEA Invite Season 25 Ascent Ascent Icon.png DW Fable eSports Icon.pngFable eSports
2017-07-13 ESEA ESEA Invite Season 25 Ascent Ascent Icon.png 1−0 Faint Gaming Icon.pngFaint Gaming
2017-06-25 ESEA ESEA Invite Season 25 Ascent Ascent Icon.png DW TF icon.png Hibbleton
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