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Template:LeagueIconSmall/asiafortress AsiaFortress

Template:LeagueIconSmall/bball bball

Template:LeagueIconSmall/blackout_tv BlackOut TV

Template:LeagueIconSmall/brasil_fortress Brasil Fortress

Template:LeagueIconSmall/cevo CEVO

Template:LeagueIconSmall/challenge_cup Challenge Cup

Template:LeagueIconSmall/deutschlan DeutschLAN

Template:LeagueIconSmall/dreamhack DH

Template:LeagueIconSmall/esea ESEA

Template:LeagueIconSmall/esl ESL

Template:LeagueIconSmall/esu Esport United

Template:LeagueIconSmall/esa Esports Arena

Template:LeagueIconSmall/etf2l ETF2L

Template:LeagueIconSmall/faceit FACEIT

Template:LeagueIconSmall/fbtf FBTF

Template:LeagueIconSmall/ga GA

Template:LeagueIconSmall/insomnia Insomnia

Template:LeagueIconSmall/the_reality The Reality

Template:LeagueIconSmall/tf2portal TF2Portal

Template:LeagueIconSmall/ozfortress ozfortress

Template:LeagueIconSmall/pcgamer PC Gamer

Template:LeagueIconSmall/pixling Pixling

Template:LeagueIconSmall/rgb RGB LAN

Template:LeagueIconSmall/ready_steady_pan RSP

Template:LeagueIconSmall/razer Razer

Template:LeagueIconSmall/retrospective RETF2

Template:LeagueIconSmall/rgl RGL

Template:LeagueIconSmall/tf2connexion TF2Connexion

Template:LeagueIconSmall/tfcl TFCL

Template:LeagueIconSmall/tftv TFTV

Template:LeagueIconSmall/toth TotH

Template:LeagueIconSmall/ugc UGC

Template:LeagueIconSmall/vanilla_fortress UGCVanilla Fortress

Template:LeagueIconSmall/wireplay Wireplay

Template:LeagueIconSmall/zowie Zowie

Note: when adding new icon you should write a name of a parameter for a template, not a name for a league


Brings out the template.
The league icon you wish to display.
(Optional) Set this if you want to change the page the icon links to, say if you want to specify a specific tournament.
(Optional) Set this variable to show a different name than the standard one in the tool-tip. If you set link but not name the link name will show by default.
(Optional) set this variable to your desired image size.
Ends the template.


{{LeagueIconSmall|etf2l|link=ETF2L 6v6 Season 21|name=Season 21}}

Would bring out: Season 21