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This template displays the current or latest season of various leagues as numerical text.
Note: A season's value should only be updated once the new season starts, in an offseason please keep the value as the latest season.



  • Class - in this case use the Current Seasons class
  • League - the selected league's current season

If no league parameter is entered or the league parameter is invalid, the template will link the page to Category:Unknown Current Season

Current settings

You Type You Get
{{Current Seasons|ugc4s}} 21
{{Current Seasons|etf2l6s}} 35
{{Current Seasons|rgl6s}} 4
{{Current Seasons|ozf6s}} 28
{{Current Seasons|ugc6s}} 33
{{Current Seasons|rgl7s}} 8
{{Current Seasons|etf2lhl}} 21
{{Current Seasons|rglhl}} 5
{{Current Seasons|ugchl}} 31
{{Current Seasons|i}} 65

Supported leagues

Below is a list of all currently supported leagues for this template.

UGC 4v4

Parameters: |ugc4s

ETF2L 6v6

Parameters: |etf2l, |etf2l6s

RGL 6v6

Parameters: |rgl6s


Parameters: |ozf6s, |ozfortress

UGC 6v6

Parameters: |ugc6s

RGL Prolander

Parameters: |rgl7s

ETF2L Highlander

Parameters: |etf2lhl

RGL Highlander

Parameters: |rglhl

UGC Highlander

Parameters: |ugchl

Insomnia LAN Series

Parameters: |insomnia, |multiplay, |i