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I feel that the hall of fame should list the name of the team at that time (4Kings, Team Dignitas, I don't know?, etc). Also, I could add the drop rates and total number of teams + prizes for each season to the list. Would that be of interest? - CanFo

That would be great - fezz

Alright, done it. Maybe someone can rework the table desgin? I am not exactly a wiki pro... - CanFo

I've reformatted the table in a way that I would consider more readable. I'm unsure about the prize info (I guess it can incentivize signing up?) but I'm not really one to decide I guess. Also, for the record, you can sign your talk page posts with four tildes. Atlas (talk) 16:50, 2 July 2013 (WEST)

Would be cool to add pages for 6v6 main cups (1-6) and both hl and 6v6 nation cups -irfx

If you need any specific information about the early time of ETF2L feel free to contact me, I'm up for helping. Contact me by steam (daykiller-) or mail ([email protected]) -dAyKiLLeR