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Demo does not really fill the role of crowd control: According to that page, pyro is CC, not demoman.

In HL, the role of Area Denial is filled by many classes already. His role in HL is dealing damage alongside the heavy. Thats it.



"He is the first to the midfight because of the high damage he can do"

This is not what because means.


Just revise/rewrote the Highlander summary. Feel free to let me know what you think. -Whooves


Im the one who wrote the older HL section. There is some wrong information in this iteration (specifically the DPS of the sticky launcher). But the main issue i have is that you include quite a bit of unnecessary information. you include sections about the mechanics of the Demoman, but that is not needed in the Highlander section.

Your sections about his roles on different maps is ambitious, but unnecessary. Demoman is similar to the sniper in HL. His damage is always the most useful thing he can bring to the team. His playstyle does not change significantly from map to map.

You go into the different uses of the demoman. A section on Kritzkrieg + demo has value, i think. Your section on traps can be much shorter (Traps arent used very often, but when they are, provide a defensive advantage, or can result in a sneaky pick).

Dont need to talk about scout and pyro counters. Maybe only mention that scout is the traditional counter to demoman.

DEFINITELY dont need to mention he has no hitscan weapons. Dont talk about demoknight if it isnt in the context of Comp HL. You could say something like "Some players and teams have experimented with using the Demo's shields, but often to little success. This strategy is reliant upon using a Charge Turning Script, which are banned in some leagues. Demoknight often fills a role similar to roaming soldiers, leaving heavies to fill the role of damage."

Overall, i liked my version better, but i dont know how to revert it. -Radman


[Just so you know, no leagues ban the targe script. banning scripts would be incredibly controversial. --Koobadoobs (talk) 22:54, 3 July 2013 (WEST)]


Okay, thank you. Dont most leagues ban the use of scripts, though?

Here is my revised text:

In Highlander, the Demoman's main job is dealing high amounts of damage. His weapons are great at dishing out large amounts of damage to crowds of players and slow, high HP targets. However he lacks the ability to reliably protect himself from close range threats (most often from the Scout), so he is often paired up with the Heavy and Medic to form the core of a Highlander team. He serves a similar role to his 6's counterpart of dealing damage and leading up uber pushes, but he is also expected to deal with sentry nests.

The Demoman is most traditionally part of the Highlander Combo, alongside the Medic, Heavy, and sometimes Pyro. When using the Ubercharge he will often lead the push. Depending on the situation, the Demoman may share the Uber with another class, or just take a solo uber. In a defensive situation, a team may forgo a Demoman Uber in favor of keeping the Pyro and Heavy alive to slow a push. If the Medic is using the Kritzkrieg, the Demoman is nearly always the primary recipient. A common practice is "Sticky Sniping", which has a Demoman charge up a sticky, then taking the Krits right before shooting the sticky into a crowd. If done correctly, the Critical Sticky will catch the enemy team off guard and secure a few picks or an Uber drop.

Stickybomb traps, while not as useful as in less-organized formats, do provide the Demoman with an Area Denial and Picking tool. However, due to the the number of Area Denial and Picking classes that are always present in a Highlander game, this mechanic is not as useful as in 6v6. Sticky jumping however, is still a very potent tool for the Highlander Demoman. It allows the class to quickly respond to threats, act quickly off of advantages, and cover distance much faster than a majority of classes on the field.

Some teams and players have experimented with playing Demoknight, which refers to playing Demoman with one of the shields equipped in place of his sticky launcher. This strategy is reliant on using a Targe Turning Script that allows a charging demoman to turn at a greater rate than what the game traditionally allows. The Demoknight results in a playstyle similar to a Roamer, which is centered around getting key picks. This playstyle has not yet been proven to be an effective alternative to vanilla Demoman. Nevertheless, use of Targe Turning Scripts is banned in most leagues.

--Radman (talk) 23:14, 3 July 2013 (WEST)