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The Soldier is a class that can do good damage at both close and long ranges. Typically, a standard 6v6 lineup will include two Soldiers; one Roamer and one Pocket. The Pocket Soldier protects his team's Medic while the Roaming Soldier guards the flanks and helps his team in fights or attempts to kill key targets, such as the enemy Medic.

Pocket Soldier[edit]

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The Pocket Soldier's job is to keep his team's Medic alive. The pocket also has communication responsibilities because he is often the Main Caller - he must direct his team to push, retreat, ambush, or even use Ubercharge. He must lead his team into battles; when fully Overhealed, he has 300 health, allowing his teammates to take cover behind him. The Pocket Soldier's go-to secondary is the Shotgun - while it doesn't give him as much mobility as the Gunboats, it allows him to stay in combat for longer, and is especially useful in enclosed spaces such as those on Badlands.

The Pocket Soldier needs to be prepared to sacrifice his own life to save his team's Medic, must possess good map knowledge, and should be able to predict the enemy team's movements.

Roaming Soldier[edit]

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The Roaming Soldier typically has the stock Rocket Launcher (or the Original), Gunboats and Escape Plan equipped. Of course, he can change his loadout at any time, but expect to see Roamers using this loadout most of the time. In the standard 6v6 format, the Roamer has a multiple roles to fulfill. First, he must make distractions to create weaknesses that his team can exploit. Second, he must guard the flank with the help of a Scout to prevent his team from being ambushed. Third, he may attempt to land a kill on an important target. When his team is at an Ubercharge disadvantage or in a stalemate, he is often Overhealed and sent to bomb the enemy combo, hopefully forcing the enemy Medic to waste his Ubercharge - or kill him outright. Finally, at the beginning of a standard 5CP game, the roamer must reach the middle point as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some rollouts are faster, others leave Soldier with more health, and still others give him a positional advantage. In certain situations, the roamer may offclass to a specialist class to try to gain an advantage.

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