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P-REC (POV-Record) is a third party plugin created by Orange, the plugin is verified by Valve. P-REC is a useful plugin, it is used for easy and automatic demo recording in Team Fortress 2, it automatically starts recording demos when tournament mode is activated, but the settings allow for a great customization of the plugin according to the player needs. It also has a auto-screenshot feature that screenshots the final map score and the console status, this is particularly useful for European players due to how ETF2L system works for submitting results, which require map and status screens.


The plugin can detect and log killstreaks depending on a user set number of kills and it can also log player bookmarks, by using the command "prec_mark". These print to a text file (by default killstreaks.txt) on the main game directory that is created alongside the demo from the same game. Bookmarks and killstreaks contain the demo tick of the time that the marker is created.

This is a particularly useful feature for movie editors and fragmovies as players will often use these logged events as a compiled list of their best moments for easier reference when recording.


There are several plugin modes that can be used through the in-game console:

  • (prec_mode 0) - Don't record at all.
  • (prec_mode 1) - Record only when name of the next demo is set by user.
  • (prec_mode 2) - Record games with tournament mode enabled. (Default)
  • (prec_mode 3) - Record all the time.

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