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Player Information
Paul Sandhu
May 12
Years Active:
2009 - 2016
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Steam Profile Twitch Stream YouTube Channel Twitter Facebook
First Place ESEA-O Season 15 ESEA-I Season 11 ESEA Invite Season 13
Second Place ESEA-I Season 10 Insomnia46, ESEA Invite Season 12, ESEA Invite Season 20
Third Place/Semifinalist(s) Insomnia49, ESEA Invite Season 18, ESEA Invite Season 21, ESEA Invite Season 22
Fourth Place ESEA Invite Season 17, ESEA Invite Season 19
2009 - 2011
2013 - 2014
2016 - 2016

Paul "cyzer" Sandhu is a competitive TF2 player, who is considered an Invite veteran and legend within the North American TF2 community. Cyzer started playing in ESEA since their second season, and has been competing with top level teams ever since. Cyzer was also a part of the Budsquad, a high level open team known for having famous TF2 players such as Lange and STAR_. Cyzer made his invite debut when he played with b4nny and shade in High Rollers Gaming. Cyzer was also invited for ESEA All-Stars twice in season 4 of ESEA.


Inevitable Demise[edit]

Cyzer's ESEA career started on an open team, Inevitable Demise. His first few matches were actually played as Medic. The team went (6-2-0), beating teams with players who are now ESEA-I (Invite) players. He later left the team after its regular season and joined a TeamEG.

Evil Geniuses[edit]

In season 4, cyzer quickly made his invite debut, joining Evil Geniuses and making an immediate switch to Scout, playing with a well known ESEA-I (Invite) player, Hero. Cyzer's team quickly picked up a dominating (15-1-0) in the regular season, and an impressive second place in playoffs. In season 5, the team scored (15-1-0) and third place in playoffs. During his time playing in season 5, he also participated for the ESEA All Stars for both West and East. Cyzer played with TeamEG until season 8, never making playoffs since season 5.

Don't Trip/the "tyrone" teams[edit]

In season 9, cyzer was picked up by the upcoming open champions, Don't Trip. The combination of the top level players, b4nny and clockwork created a future super team, dominating many teams including cyzer's former team, TeamEG. Cyzer participated with the team under the sponsorship of Leviathan Gaming in Insomnia46, taking second place, showing North America's dominance of the time. The ESEA-I (Invite) team came first in playoffs for season 9 and season 11, and second in seasons 10 and 12.

High Rollers Gaming/the "b4nny" teams[edit]

After season 12, b4nny and shade left tyrone, reforming a team that included cyzer, lansky, tagg, and Shrugger. The team saw great success in season 13 and 14, taking first in playoffs, defeating the former champions, Classic Mixup. The team also participated in Insomnia49, the second international TF2 tournament. The team envisioned themselves defeating the Europeans another time, however underestimated their strength and lost to both broder and Epsilon eSports, taking third place.


In season 15 and 16, cyzer took a break from ESEA-I (Invite) by playing in the open team Budsquad, alongside famous TF2 players Lange, STAR_, and truktruk. cyzer was known to play both Scout and Demoman in this team. The teammates of the team were very cohesive, creating great fun from their scrims and matches, as seen on their YouTube channels. The team managed to take first in ESEA-O season 15, an outstanding accomplishment as the team occasionally utilized a demoknight, straying away from the traditional 6v6 meta and perhaps introducing the face of a new one.

Street Hoops eSports[edit]

Cyzer, returning to invite, joined Street Hoops eSports in their third season of invite, cyzer played Scout for the team, replacing deadbolt who made a comfortable switch to Demoman. The team was later known as Team Solo Uber, as they lost their Street Hoops roots from numerous roster changes. The team took fourth in season 17, cyzer's first season with them. In season 18 and 19, the team took third and fourth, respectively. They usually placed under eLevate/Ascent(currently and froyotech. However in season 20 playoffs, in a heated best of three against froyotech, the team won the golden cap of the last map, Granary, eleminating froyotech from playoffs and destroying their winning streak in ESEA-I (Invite) The team placed fourth in season 21, and was knocked down to the lower bracket of playoffs by RONIN. The team beat EVL Gaming to progress to the Lower Bracket Finals, but had forfeit that match with froyotech due to real-life issues. The team disbanded on May 4, 2016.