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*Navbox/Team auto display
*Navbox/Team auto display
*split active years?
*split active years?
*correct amboxes

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New Zealand corbt
corbt at DreamHack Summer 2016
Player Information
Name Mr. Corbt
Born January 1, 1950 ( 1950 -01-01) (age 70)
Nationality New Zealand New Zealand
Status Active (since 2012)
Team Ascent Icon.png Ascent
Class Scout Scout
Other Mains Demoman, Roamer
Career Winnings $22,000
Achievements[see all]

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Team History
2012 - 2015
Froyotech Icon.png
2015 - 2016
-bird noises- Icon.png
2016 -
Ascent Icon.png
Logs.tf Page Twitch Stream

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Tournament history

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Year Team CL Tournament Place Prize
2014 Ascent Icon.png Ascent Scout Insomnia_Gaming_Festival Insomnia52 1st $7,300
Insomnia_Gaming_Festival Insomnia52 1st $7,300
Year Team CL Tournament Place Prize
2014 Ascent Icon.png Ascent Scout Insomnia_Gaming_Festival Insomnia52 1st $7,300
Insomnia_Gaming_Festival Insomnia52 1st $7,300

Personal awards


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  • trivia 1
  • trivia 2
  • trivia 3

External media

Year Source Author Event
2011 shade ESEA-I Season 11
2013 ESEA-I Season 13
2018 eXtine Rewind
Esports Arena
Year Source Author Event
2016 Beater
2018 truktruk ESEA-I Season 21
Demo reviews
Year Class Source Author
2011 Scout b4nny
2013 Pocket Soldier Seagull