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[e][h]Soldiericon.png Zolak
Player Information
Years Active:
2014 - Present
teamfortress.tv User Page ETF2L Player Page
Steam Profile
First Place 6v6 Season 21 Gold South America Highlander Season 23 Platinum South America 6v6 Season 25 Platinum South America 6v6 Season 26 Platinum South America 6v6 Season 28 Platinum South America FBTF 6v6 Cup Barts Rimet Season 4 Chapelaria 6v6 Legatus Season 3 , Vanilla Fortress 6v6 Season 3
Second Place 4v4 Season 15 Gold South America 4v4 Season 16 Gold South America Brasil Fortress 6v6 Season 4 LBTF2 6v6 Open Season 11 Chapelaria 6v6 Gladiator Season 2 South American Vanilla Fortress 6v6 Intermediate Season 1 Brasil Fortress Season 5, LBTF2 Season 17
Third Place/Semifinalist(s) 6v6 Season 29 Platinum South America LBTF2 6v6 Central Season 13 Chapelaria 6v6 Legatus Season 2
???? - ????
???? - ????