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Booking a Server

Booking a server is a relatively simple process for the most part. Below are some server providers thought to be the best for their respectful regions.


Location: Oceania
ozfortress Server Booking

To book and connect to a server, follow the steps below

  1. Click the link to go to the ozfortress Discord
  2. in the #bookings channel, type /book
  3. Server details for a 3 hour server hire will be sent to you privately in the form of 'connect ******; password ******; rcon_password ******'.
  4. Give the players you wish to connect to the server the line 'connect ******; password ******'. Do not give anyone the line 'rcon_password ******'.
  5. To connect to the server, open the console in TF2 (Default Key: `) and copy and paste the line 'connect ******; password ******' without the apostrophes, and with your servers details.

serveme Europe
serveme North America
serveme Asia allows anyone to reserve servers for free. The servers are hosted by various organisations in various regions of Europe, North America and South East Asia.

UGC Gameservers

Locations: North America, Europe, Japan, Australia
UGC Free Game Servers
Reservations limited to one per 24 hour period.

Follow the steps below

  1. Click "Claim now" on the server you want.
  2. Enter the captcha, your email, and the time you want for the server.
  3. Check your email for a link to the server details.

Server Plugins

Below are a list of server plugins that can be considered useful for running a server.

SizzlingStats by SizzlingCalamari and Technosex
A serverplugin/website combo which records and automatically uploads competitive game stats and SourceTV demos to Allows players to view stats in-game through the motd window by typing .ss in chat.

TFTrue by AnAkIn
Provides a massive amount of features which can replace the following plugins and make them redundant:

  • Match Recorder
  • Supplemental Stats
  • RestoreScore
  • WaitForSTV
  • MedicStats
  • LogsTF

Metamod: Source
Used as a base to run Sourcemod

Requirements: Metamod: Source
Used to administrate servers and a platform for server plugins

SOAP DM by Lange
Also known as Sick Of Annoying Pubs Deathmatch. Provides pregame deathmatch. Can also be used for a permanent deathmatch server. Click for list of CVars

MGEMod by Lange
Also know as My Gaming Edge Mod. Click for commands, CVars and more information

fDivs by Fantasy
Requirements: Socket by sfPlayer
Adds /div command to show player's division on ETF2L. Click for list of CVars and commands

Supplemental Stats (click raw to download)
Adds damage and heals to logs

SupStats2 by F2
In addition to all features from Supplemental Stats, this also logs airshots, headshots, accuracy and more

MedicStats by F2
Adds additional medic stats to logs, including buffed heals and time to build uber

LogsTF by F2
Requirements: Either cURL by raydan, or SteamTools by asherkin
Uploads logs automatically to and display in game with !log or .ss

AFK by F2
It displays a message on your screen if someone on your team is AFK in the warmup period

WaitForSTV by F2
Delays map change by 90 seconds so SourceTV spectators don't miss the last part of the map

RestoreScore by F2
Restores player's score to the scoreboard after reconnecting to the server

RecordSTV by F2
Records SourceTV match demos with a custom path and filename

MatchRecorder by carbon
Starts recording SourceTV demos when both teams have readied up

tWhitelistUpdater by Thrawn
Automatically updates ETF2L whitelists

tDetailWinPanel by Thrawn
Adds damage, kills, healing and lifetime for both teams to the win panel

tRealPing by Thrawn
Requirements:SMLIB by berni
Displays player's actual ping on scoreboard

Updater by GoD-Tony
Requirements:cURL by raydan and Socket by sfPlayer
Automatically updates F2's plugins and tWhitelistUpdater