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Player Information
Country {{Flag/{{{country}}}}} {{{country}}}
Competition formats {{{formats}}}
Main class [[{{{class}}}]]
Current Team {{{currentteam}}}
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  • Just copy the code below to the page and edit the values after the "="
    • Important: If you don't know a value (IE: name, age, etc...) don't delete the line, just keep it with a null value (blank).
    • Default values for this template are: Country, Competition formats, Main class, Current team, Steam profile link. Everything else is optional.
    • Please input team names in full and type everything carefully as it will be linked automatically
  • After the code you can write and format text as you normally would for a more detailed history of the player


{{Player infobox
| alias = numlocked
| image = Numlocked.jpg
| fullname = Seb Barton
| age = 20
| country = England
| formats = 6v6
| class = Demoman
| currentteam = [[Epsilon eSports]]
| previousteams = Vale, Team Onlinegamer, TCM, Team Infused
| achievements = Current ETF2L champion
| steam = numrocked
| youtube = num1ocked
| twitch = numlocked
| otherlinks = [http://etf2l.org/forum/user/2574/ ETF2L]

Will Yield

Player Information
Full name Seb Barton
Age 20
Country England England
Competition formats 6v6
Main class Demoman
Current Team Epsilon eSports
Previous Team(s) Vale, Team Onlinegamer, TCM, Team Infused
Current ETF2L champion
Steam icon.png

Youtube icon.png Twitch icon.png