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Full name {{{fullname}}}
Competition formats {{{formats}}}
Area {{{area}}}
[{{{website}}} Website]


  • Just copy the code below to the page and edit the values after the "="
    • Important: If you don't know a value (IE: current season, website, etc...) don't delete the line, just keep it with a null value (blank).
    • Only the current season field is optional, all the others are default
    • Please input all the names in full and type everything carefully as it will be linked automatically
  • After the code you can write and format text as you normally would for a more detailed history of the league


{{League infobox
| shortname = ESEA
| image = ESEA-Logo.png
| imagesize = 250px
| fullname = E-Sports Entertainment Association
| formats = [[6v6]]
| area = North America/Europe
| current = [[ESEA-I Season 15|Season 15]] ([[6v6]])
| website = http://www.esea.net/

Will Yeld:

Full name E-Sports Entertainment Association
Competition formats 6v6
Area North America/Europe
Current season Season 15 (6v6)