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[e][h]Pyroicon.png Scissors
Scissors at DeutschLAN 2015.JPG
Scissors with his medal and trophy after winning DeutschLAN 2015 with checkers
Player Information
Simon Autzen
December 3, 1995 (1995-12-03) (age 23)
Years Active:
2013 - Present
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Steam Profile
First Place HL Season 5 Division 1 9v9 Season 11 Division 2 HL Season 7 HL Season 8 Season 15 Platinum DeutschLAN 2015

Second Place ETF2L Highlander Experimental Cup #6 TeamFortress.TV Highlander Invitational #2 HL Season 12 Platinum Season 9 Steel 9v9 Season 12 Division 1 9v9 Season 10 Division 3

Third Place/Semifinalist(s) HL Season 6 HL Season 11 Platinum
Prize Money
2013 - 2015

2016 - Present
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Scissors is a Danish highlander player. He most recently played Pyro for PremTech but is better known as the Pyro for former back-to-back ETF2L Premiership Champions, Tourettes Chessclub, a team which he also founded and led.

Highlander career[edit]

After having founded Tourettes Chessclub, Scissors and his team would go on to place second in their first highlander season, UGC Highlander Season 9, where they fell short in the finals to future team mate Breakfast_jR's team, It's Mostly About The Gibus. After this first season, the team would undergo a significant line-up change, upon which they would go directly to the Platinum Division, where they eventually dropped out with a 4-4 score mid-season. The next roster change would turn out to be the start of the teams "golden age", as the team went on to win ETF2L Division 1 with a flawless record, awarding the team, and Scissors, their ticket to the Premiership as well as their first cash prize. The team would go on to pull home medals in all of the following seasons, placing 3rd in their first, followed up by back-to-back championships in ETF2L Highlander Season 7 and ETF2L Highlander Season 8, making them the only other team than SNSD to accomplish the feat of winning the title multiple times. Scissors would however leave the team shortly before the playoffs in season 8 due to personal issues, before once again returning to take charge, assembling old and current Chess players, plus some new faces, to compete in the first ever highlander only LAN, DeutschLAN 2015. The team, which went under the name "checkers", would go on to win the tournament with a flawless record, and in the process become the Highlander team with the highest total earnings of €2,495, edging out legendary SNSD with their €2061.62.

6v6 career[edit]

Although always having treated Highlander as his main gamemode, Scissors is an active 6v6 player as well, having played on a multitude of different teams between ETF2L divisions 6 to 2, and finally in the high division after the ETF2L division change in 2015. Contrary to his highlander career, his 6v6 has yet to see any sort of placement.