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[e][h]Heavyicon.png Qnai
Player Information
Years Active:
2012 - Present
ETF2L Player Page
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Second Place HL RETF2 2 DeutschLAN 2015
Third Place/Semifinalist(s) HL Season 5 HL Season 12 Highlander One-Night-Cup #6
2012 - 2013
That Awkward Moment
2013 - 2015
2015 - present
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Qnai is a Heavy main playing for Highpander. She is known for her stream and her passive but controlling heavy playstyle.

That Awkward Moment[edit]

Qnai started her highlander career in UGC Highlander Season 6, where she played in Europe West for two seasons. That Awkward Moment competed in UGC Platinum for 4 seasons. In that time they grew within the competitive community as a respectable team. The team entered several small tournaments, but in 2013 the team was made inactive and Qnai went on to play Highlander for other teams.

During UGC Highlander Season 8, she was picked as an all-star player for her involvement in the team and the league.

Fair Enough[edit]

In ETF2L Highlander Season 5, Fair Enough managed to secure a spot in Division 1. With the departure of kKaltUu, Qnai filled in the vacant spot and stayed in her role for the 6th ETF2L Highlander Season. Fair Enough performed poor enough to sit at the bottom of the leader boards, although managed to secure their spot for the next ETF2L Highlander season through their win.

Between seasons, i52 hosted a mini Highlander tournament alongside the main event, where Qnai competed at her first Highlander LAN. Unfortunately, the team lost to Only Here for Pizza, missing out on the chance for freshly baked pizza.

She has continued to play for Fair Enough in ETF2L Highlander throughout Season 7 to the start of Season 9. She attended DeutschLAN 2015 where her team, once again, managed to fall short of first place and the €1,300 prize.

In the later weeks of ETF2L Highlander Season 9, Qnai was replaced by Piddox, allowing Highpander to pick her up as a main addition to their roster.


Qnai is also an active streamer on her twitch. She streams mostly pubs and pickups. Her stream is known for having bird themes, showing her aquarium on the webcam and heavy profanities.

Recently she has started a Finnish channel that shows TF2 and variety streams.


  • Qnai had the highest KA/D in Highlander Season 8 and 9 of all Premiership heavies.
  • Knows how to do seasonal greetings in Dutch.