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  | colspan=3 class="center" | [[File:garlic.png | 160px | link=http://i.imgur.com/GPZrMog.jpg]]
  | colspan=3 class="center" | [[File:garlic.png | 160px | link=http://i.imgur.com/GPZrMog.jpg]]
  | style="background-color: white;" | [[File:Oldschool Steam Icon.png|30px|link=http://steamcommunity.com/id/corbttt/]]
  | style="background-color: white;" | [[File:Oldschool Steam Icon.png|30px|link=http://steamcommunity.com/id/corbyte/]]
  | colspan=2 style="background-color: white;" | {{flag|nz}} New Zealand
  | colspan=2 style="background-color: white;" | {{flag|nz}} New Zealand

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Oldschool Steam Icon.png New Zealand New Zealand
cor-bit a.k.a. garlic the man

I love comp.tf.

tournament pages standard

  • readers' wants
  • editors' capabilities
  • efficient display of information

template:icon with super amounts of icons



  • Snakewater two iterations of cp_snakewater_final1
  • links to portal from infoboxes


  • recent achivements in player, team portal tables
  • etf2l playoff bracket scores (2-0 not 6-0)
  • roamer icon

pages to review:

  • standards for stub/deletion, flex icon
  • upcoming games icon
  • map infobox /doc
  • whitelist part on tournament pages
  • update class weapon descriptions cont.
    • editor's noticeboard
  • public comp.tf discord
  • Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:6s_team_roster_collapsible
  • player, team navboxes or something?

time waster:

Actively working on

need to keep track of recent changes while tanz

when new rotation announced:

  • Update:
    • Map League Inclusion Tables
    • Current Seasons, Current Rotations, Total Inclusions
    • Map Infoboxes
    • Map Navboxes
    • Portal:Maps

  • Re-order league columns on everything: (ESEA > ETF2L > ozfortress > AsiaFortress > UGC)

first cycle-through:

  • general check and fill in any empty info
  • Update maps with same release and update dates. Mostly vilepickle
  • order gamemodes numberly
  • .bsp
  • update links by actually searching hard for them
  • shorten TF2Maps link
  • remove |tftv2=
  • infobox images
    • big enough
    • 16:9
    • .jpg
    • show important part of map

  • Related pages/templates:
    • Auto league popularity (trial, obsolete, never played)
    • stubify
    • Create pages for map type links
    • Create list of maps by total inclusions
      • Columns should be inclusions by league
    • Maps#Staple_Maps
    • D/L links in MLIT
    • Maps navbox
    • Map version redirects
    • There are alternate gamemode versions of maps without pages (e.g. cp_ashville)
    • Editor's noticeboard
    • Category pages + finalise categories
    • Staple, Moderate, Obsolete - figure out if new article and/or categories
    • Make article that defines "Pro Map", can be linked in MLIT, Map Infobox and Category:Pro Maps/Maps with Pro Versions

  • Really have to find ways to make updating much simpler/easier
  • Update lpseason when updating MLIT
    • .bsp for MLIT

  • small flag option (x12px)
  • afc10 maps
  • esea

  • Glossary section or something for defining Pro version (gives examples/full list of pro version maps) (link w/ MLIT/Footer and NewInfobox Map)
  • UGC Season titles
  • Hatnotes for pro/adapted maps
  • .bsp vs .bz2 download for MLIT and NewInfobox Map
  • Dashner (disambiguation)
  • Constituent country infobox
  • Coach icon
  • Jasmine i58
  • Autotemplate for Team1/Team2/Team/TeamIcon/TeamBracket/
    • And make it so the icons are high-res and fit inline
  • Link to the messiah wikipedia template (no external link icon)

  • Editor's noticeboard

  • Re-test Current Rotations #if: options
    • Also for Total Inclusions
  • MLIT Parser functions
  • MLIT reorder columns
    • MLIT 3px border to split up pro versions of maps in the same table
  • Navboxes - new template
    • Map Navboxes
      • Alternative section in Maps navbox?

  • Make map pages for old pro versions (Dustbowl Pro) (turbine) (pro granary)-- remember to change in total inclusions
  • Standardise league icons (esp. AsiaFortress)

  • NewInfobox Sub-league
  • Map Pool automation
    • In NewInfobox Season
    • In MapCard
    • Must alphabetise Current Rotations
  • Unlockable Weapons automation
    • Link season pages "Unlockable Weapons" sections with Class Weapon Tables via Current Seasons
    • Cannot have Template:Current Whitelists for Unlockable Weapons table because after the seasons' change the table will have the new seasons' whitelists. Possible fix being: Keep whitelists stored in Template:Current Whitelists

Thinking about it

  • Making MLIT much less redundant -- can be improved with the Template:Map concept
  • year in review
  • When taking scrnshts of maps, take from same angle/pos for prev versions too (e.g. Logjam)
  • Remove tooltip from Template:MapCard
  • Re-order league templates' columns
  • FBTF in league teamplates; same operation as when AsiaFortress was introduced
  • Indicator for seedings in playoffs bracket
  • DH Summer 2016
    • Make better than DHW 2015
  • Transfers template
  • ESEA S.22
    • FROYO BLACK offseason blurb
    • Player pages
    • More content for team pages
  • References
    • Template:Ref
    • Proper number of columns for all pages; condense into Template:R or smthing
    • Proper formatting for reflist (x)
  • Perfecto optimise formatting for ESEA season pages, update old pages
  • New Infobox for ETF2L, ESEA, OZF pages (NewInfobox League)
  • Display date for infoboxes
    • Use same format for NewInfobox Map, put actual date in (number)
  • TF2 Team world rankings
    • Semantics?
  • Standardise and create redirects for UGC Seasons' titles
  • Display dates for NewInfoboxes

  • Medium on the wiki for new editors to ask questiono
  • Editor's guidelines/todo list etc.

  • Can have template with map history with numerical data. Then have a buttload of templates ride off of it:
    • Include file names
    • Template:MapCard [automation]
    • Template:NewInfobox Season (Map pool section) [automation]
    • Weekly results tables in season/tournament pages
    • List of maps by most inclusions
    • Map history pages
    • Template:Total Inclusions
    • Template:Current Rotations (via: Template:Current Seasons)

The Three:

  • Template:Current Seasons
  • Template:Current Rotations
  • Template:Total Inclusions

The upcoming:

  • Template:Current Whitelists