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Class Information
Scout2.png Soldier.png Pyro.png Demoman.png Heavy.png Engineer.png Medic.png Sniper.png Spy.png
Scout Soldier Pyro Demoman Heavy Engineer Medic Sniper Spy
[edit] This Week's League Maps
ETF2L-Icon2.png ETF2L (6v6) RGL Icon.png RGL (6v6) Ozfortress Icon.png ozfortress (6v6) UGC-Icon2.png UGC (6v6) ETF2L-Icon2.png ETF2L (HL) RGL Icon.png RGL (HL) UGC-Icon2.png UGC (HL)
Offseason2.png Snakewater.jpg Granary.jpgSunshine.jpg Offseason2.png Product.jpgWarmtic.jpg Upward.jpg Offseason2.png
Offseason Snakewater Granary, Sunshine Offseason Product, Warmtic Upward Offseason
Week 8 Week 1 Week 4 Week 7
Upcoming Matches
[edit] TF2 Events
UGC UGC 4v4 Season 21
Oct 09

Dec 18
UGC UGC 6v6 Season 34
Oct 07

Dec 16
UGC UGC Ultiduo Season 3
Oct 06

Dec 15
UGC UGC Highlander Season 32
Oct 05

Dec 14
RGL RGL Trad. Sixes Season 4
Aug 30

Dec 04
RGL RGL HL Season 7
Sep 28

Nov 30
ETF2L ETF2L HL Season 22
Sep 13

Nov 19
ozfortress ozfortress Season 29
Sep 13

Nov 19