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[e][h]Scouticon.png fwishy
Player Information
Inactive (2015 - 2019)
First Place AsiaFortress Mercenaries Cup 7AsiaFortress Cup 13AsiaFortress Cup 14
Second Place AsiaFortress Cup 12AsiaFortress LAN 2018AsiaFortress Cup 15 AsiaFortress Cup 12
Third Place/Semifinalist(s) AsiaFortress Cup 9AsiaFortress Cup 11

fwishy was an Asian competitive Team Fortress 2 player who mains Scout, most notably for Xiao and SVIFT AS. He is the current Head Administrator of AsiaFortress and one of the Head Administrators of PURE League.

fwishy was well known in the Asian TF2 scene for his incredible DM and aim, and was widely regarded as one of the greatest Scouts in Asia at his prime. Having competed at the highest division since the beginning of his career in 2015 has helped him rose to prominence quickly as a player, obtaining two first place awards with the legendary team Xiao and being runners up with many other top teams in Asia.