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I'll leave this be for now, but the sentence "6v6 is a competitive format commonly called '6s' by the community" is very much something I'd prefer to see removed. 6v6 being called '6s' is a very recent thing, introduced, I think, by the influx of UGC Highlander folks. More importantly though, it makes no sense. Can we please remain factual and not teach new people to call it this? Spike Himself (talk) 10:33, 8 July 2013 (WEST)

Typo in "Offclasses" Section[edit]

The section states:

"In some cases, a team swaps a class of the cookie cuter lineup for a utility class, in order to create an advantage for your team, to help in a defensive situation or even to break a stalemate. "

The sentence says "cookie cuter" instead of "cookie cutter". I'd fix it myself - in fact, that's why I created my account - but this page appears to have special editing permissions. So instead I'm requesting here for someone to fix it.

Hey there, Tytonidae, I've changed this on your behalf. The special editing permissions allows registered users to edit the page as well, but only after their fourth day of being registered. --Efefknee (talk) 11:46, 9 July 2015 (UTC)