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Team Fortress Competitive League
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TFCL (Team Fortress Competitive League) is a North American competitive TF2 league that hosts 4v4, 6v6, Highlander, and Ultiduo.

Divisions & Ranks[edit]

TFCL will provide up to four skill divisions in total, with S being the highest rank possible, and C being the lowest.

  • S Rank
  • A Rank
  • B Rank
  • C Rank

This ranking system will go live with the start of Season 3.


TFCL provides a wide range of competitive formats, including highlander, 6v6, 4v4, 3v3, ultiduo, bball, MGE, and heavy boxing. Every single format has participation medals and prizes, though only highlander, 6v6, 4v4, and ultiduo operate on a seasonal structure.


Season 1 of Highlander is scheduled to begin Summer 2017. The prize pool is unannounced.

Map List for Season 1[edit]


TFCL is currently in its first season of 6v6. The first season started in February 2017, and has a take-all prize of $120.

Map List for Season 1[edit]


TFCL will be hosting a full 8 week 4v4 season starting in the spring of 2017. Map list and prize pool hasn't been announced yet.


TFCL's third Ultiduo season started on August 12th, and has a prize pool of $250.

Prize breakdown: 1st. $200 ($100 per player) 2nd. $40 ($20 per player) 3rd. $10 ($5 per player)

Map List for [[TFCL Ultiduo Season 3]