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Basic Information
Founded 2014
Group Page

Maincall is a website run by a group of casters, writers, artists and editors who are dedicated to growing TF2's competitive scene. They also have created their own premiership team for ETF2L from the aftermath of the Epsilon ordeal.

Main Site[edit]



We’re Maincall, a group of TF2 casters, writers, artists, editors and distinguished rogues, trying to make competitive TF2 grow by shouting, screaming and scribbling about it until someone notices.

What little we may make through paid competitions, ad revenue (sorry!) or some of the most incredible TF2 merch you’ve ever laid eyes on goes straight to ETF2L for next season’s prize pool. We try and make enough to break even so this site can keep going for as long as possible, but every spare penny or cent of profit goes straight back into our game.

It’s fantastic to have you. Stick around and let’s see what we can do.

- The Maincall Team

The People's Cup[edit]

The People's Cup is a tournament run by Maincall, with an emphasis of putting the power to the people with the introduction of map voting. The map pool is as follows:

Map Link
cp_bazillion_rc5 None
cp_derecho_b4 None
cp_logjam_b9 None
cp_obscure_final None
cp_tidal_v4 None
cp_vanguard_b9 None
cp_warmfront None

The entry price is 6 ref for each team. Rules, prizes and sign ups are available at their site.