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[e][h]Roamericon.png aporia
aporia at Insomnia52.
Player Information
Bradley Philpott
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Steam Profile
First Place OWL 2 OWL 3 OWL 4 OWL 5 OWL 6 OWL 7 OWL 8 OWL 9 OZFC 3 OWL 10 OWL 11
Second Place OWL 1: Division 3 OWL 14: Premier ozfortress Season 15: Premier
Fourth Place Insomnia49, Insomnia52
ozfortress Awards
Best Roamer

Bradley "aporia" Philpott is a competitive TF2 player who's mostly known for playing Roamer for Team Immunity. He is recognized for his selfless play, sometimes taking less than 200 healing in a full game, and also his timing for aggression. Dying on a last control point to a random sticky/rocket has become known as "getting bradded".

Other Achievements[edit]

  • C4C 1 1st Place
  • OZFLAN 1st Place
  • OZFC 2 1st Place
  • SGL 6 1st Place
  • ATF2L 1st Place
  • Alienware Arena 1st Place
  • OZFC 3 1st Place
  • Cyberleague.eu Invitational 1st Place

Latest Tournament Matches[edit]

Date Tournament With Result Versus
2016-05-22 ozfortress ozfortress Season 15: Premier Jasmine Tea JasmineTea Icon.png 3−2 TF icon.png ego


2016-05-09 ozfortress ozfortress Season 15: Premier ego TF icon.png 2−1 JasmineTea Icon.png Jasmine Tea
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