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[e][h]United Gaming Clans
Basic Information
Full name:
United Gaming Clans
Current Season:

United Gaming Clans (UGC) was founded in 2002 as Team Fortress Classic (TFC) and Counter-Strike (CS) league. Currently they are the largest TF2 league in the world with over 10,000 unique players in the current season of their 9v9 (Highlander), 6v6 and 4v4 leagues.


The UGC league separates teams into 5 distinct divisions. These divisions come in the order as follows: Iron, Steel, Silver, Gold, and the highest division; Platinum.


UGC runs three seasons a year in all TF2 formats. Seasons typically start in January, June and September. Each season is comprised of 8 regular season weeks and 5 playoff weeks. Teams are placed into skill divisions based on the combined experience on the roster. During the regular season, teams will play against opponents with a similar rank win/loss streak. For the playoffs, the Top 8 or Top 16 teams in a division are placed into a title bracket. Platinum and Gold divisions play in a Double Elimination bracket while Silver, Steel and Iron divisions play in a Single Elimination bracket. Grand Finals are played in a Best of 3 Maps format. Each team in the finals map can pick 1 of the 3 maps to be played from the season map pool. The tie breaker map is selected by Admins.

Regular season matches are played on single maps, in 2 halves. Depending on the game type, the win conditions differ:

  • On 5CP maps, the first half is played until the time limit runs out, or one team wins 4 rounds. The second half ends once the time limit runs out, or the other team wins 4 rounds or when one team has won their 5th cumulative round. In case of a tie after both halves, an overtime round is played, which is won by capturing all points once. If overtime is inconclusive, a "sudden death" round is played.
  • On King of the Hill maps, the first half of the map ends only when one team wins 3 rounds. The second half ends if the other team wins 3 rounds or when one team wins their 4th cumulative round.
  • Attack/Defend and Payload maps are played as best of 3 stopwatch rounds. Teams alternate between attacking and defending every round, and each team defends once in a half. The round is won by whichever team captures the most points the fastest.


UGC's Highlander league is the largest of the 3 formats they play in TF2 with just over 8,000 unique players. There are five different regions for their Highlander league: North America (NA), Europe (EU), Asia, Australia/NZ (AUS/NZ) and South America (SA). There are also different skill-based divsions for the NA, EU and AUS/NZ leagues.

Map List for Season 22


There are five different regions for their 6v6 league: North America (NA), Europe (EU), Asia, Australia/NZ (AUS/NZ) and South America (SA) There are also different skill-based divisions for the NA, EU and AUS/NZ leagues.

Map List for Season 22


There are five different regions for their 4v4 league: North America (NA), Europe (EU), Asia, Australia/NZ (AUS/NZ) and South America (SA) There are also different skill-based divisions for the NA & EU leagues.

Map List for Season 9


In the order of the highest skill division to the lowest:

  • Platinum - Top Tier. This division is for people considered to be at the top of their game. This division arguably requires the most time, dedication, coordination, and skill to compete in.
  • Gold - 2nd Tier. This is for people who have a lot of competitive experience and a high skill level with a desire to get better at the game.
  • Silver - 3rd Tier. This is for people who can list more than a couple seasons of experience and who are more committed to the upward path towards Gold/Platinum.
  • Steel - 4th Tier. The first "skill tier." This is for people with a little competitive experience to people who have at a couple of seasons under their belt.
  • Iron - 5th/Bottom Tier. Entry-level aimed at players with no prior competitive experience. Considered a "special case" division.

Hall of Fame


Season NA Platinum winner EU Platinum winner SA winner Asia winner AUS-NZ winner EU Gold winner
Season 3 Classic Mixup Turbopoop eSports
Season 4 Classic Mixup CommanderX and the Sex Kittens
Season 5 Gangsta Gang Gaming Turbopoop eSports
Season 6 Looking Handsome Turbopoop eSports Socios
Season 7 Looking Handsome Simply the Best (West Euro)
Kill Switch (East Euro)
BG y sus esclavos
Season 8 The Syndicate Max-Play Highlander Team Les Watones Walaos velox Ðestruo
Season 9 Ginyu Force Sookie Doin' Work Restaurante De Wesker Walaos v2 velox Ðestruo
Season 10 MenaceToSociety Team Poland Tor Project Team Bless velox Ðestruo
Season 11 Street Hoops eSports Kill Switch Restaurante de Wesker Team Bless velox Ðestruo
Season 12 Gentleman's Club Stacked Squishers E-Sports Daddy's House velox Ðestruo Super Dickmann's
Season 13 MenaceToSociety TIPPING INTENSIFIES Amplified Team Walaos 2014 velox Ðestruo Accurate Luck
Season 14 Kids Next Door Vision of ecstasy Pinducas do Restaurante Walaos 2014 velox Ðestruo GODL
Season 15 Kids Next Door Tourettes Chessclub Pinducas do Restaurante Walaos 2013 Soup-A-Stars The Bureau
Season 16 MenaceToSociety Samsung Galaxy Gang EndespeL - 0u0 Soup-A-Stars Beyblade
Season 17 Acoomuma checkers Original Gangsters HL Walaos 2015 Soup-A-Stars Ugandan Pizza Police
Season 18 Memento Mori Strong Opinions EndespeL - 0u0 illa nine Cult of Mason
Season 19 Dunning-Kruger Effect v4 Super Dickmann's EndespeL - Ez Steelmedal No Kids Here! GODL MEDEL!!
Season 20 Dunning-Kruger Effect v4 Strong Opinions Edelweiss red.pandas inVision
Season 21 Dunning-Kruger Effect v4 Super Dickmann's Disco Inferno Edelweiss red.pandas


Season NA Platinum winner EU winner SA winner AUS/NZ winner
Season 5 Crump's bros are ill
Season 6 Bö
Season 7 Get Burnt Son
Season 8 Yancy
Season 9 Octo-Pussy
Season 10 Octo-Pussy team_gg
Season 11 MAX4heads Next Door team_gg
Season 12 Game of Throws Love Me Tenderly Squishers e-Sports
Season 13 Lonely Hearts team_gg Gutes Ziel Infinite
Season 14 quantum heartz Corgi Clan Squishers e-Sports Team :B1:
Season 15 Headline Heroes MONSTER Gaming Team Team :B1:
Season 16 Yomies Old Sailor Man Club que onda guero Team :B1:
Season 17 The Ultimatos feat NEUTRONATORSHIP Bee Work Pancake Crusaders
Season 18 ^Greatness - Oceanus Capri-Sun Enthusiasts Immerstarke Team A m m o m o d s q u a d
Season 19 Uncle Dad and the Family Secrets Per aspera ad astrA kayland Team :B1:
Season 20 Uncle Dad and the Family Secrets Systematic Chaos sename e-Sports Team :B1:
Season 21 Crab and the Crabettes Planet Expresso Meme 6 Team :B1:
Season 22 the boys Systematic Chaos Team :B1:
Season 23 Grandmasters Dr. Meddl pasados de verga Team :B1:


Season NA Gold winner NA Silver winner EU Silver winner SA Steel winner AUS/NZ Steel winner
Season 1 The Elite Four Big Blind Squishers e-Sports
Season 2 Satan Take The Wheel Scorp0851 Arnieho sbor mazáku Renegade Complecity
Season 3 cafe memesters The Weilanders Arnieho sbor mazáku Squishers e-Sports Complecity
Season 4 TERRY'S CREW LEGO Island 2 TMR Gaming eSports Complecity
Season 5 Lego Island Xtreme Stunts Cosmic is a Frugar Public Enemy Immerstarke Team Complecity
Season 6 LEGO Racers Running Up The Stairs On All 4's Public Enemy Wontons
Season 7 Jewkawa and the Shekels Classic Crew v2 Quadrilateral Ovals Complecity
Season 8 Banananana Boat the titty boys Quadrilateral Ovals 4 The Medal
Season 9 The Mankut Experience The Skele_Knight Experience Rush Plant Banana 4 The Medal
Season 10 suck my mankut Pause Reality safyo 4 The Medal


The table below contains a full list of UGC staff.

List of UGC staff
Active staff
Head Admins & Top Tier Managers
Fornaught Owner, League Manager, Website Manager
snowblindfrog Head Admin - TF2 Highlander League, Data & Web Manager
RedRum Head Admin - Dota2 League
Blazingboy Head Admin - TF2 4v4 League
Firefly Head Admin - TF2 6v6 League
Petefbsd Head Admin - Dota 2, MMR Steambot, Coding projects
Infinite Head Admin (Ret.), Community Dev.
TF2 League Admins & Staff
snowblindfrog Head Admin & HL General Manager.
Blazingboy Head Admin & 4v4 General Manager.
Firefly Head Admin, 6v6 General Manager
Kumori Senior Admin & HL Division Manager (NA Platinum)
Mamboulay HL Division Manager (NA Gold)
Doppel HL Division Manager (NA Silver)
Ms. X3na HL Division Manager (NA Steel)
Xenith HL Division Manager (NA Iron)
TheHolyKetchup AU Admin
TERRY CREWS 6v6 Division Manager (NA Silver)
Koobadoobs 6v6 Division Manager (NA Steel)
Smobo 6v6 Division Manager (NA Iron)
Sylon Senior Admin & TF2 Dispute Team
MB Division Manager (HL EU Gold & 6v6 EU Steel)
Reda Division Manager (HL EU Platinum, HL EU Silver & 6v6 EU Platinum)
Osharlock HL Division Manager (EU Steel)
Red_Revoluti0n HL Division Manager (EU Iron)
Chris Division Manager (4v4 EU)
Chronohawk Division Manager (4v4 EU)
Quantic Senior Admin & Division Manager (HL/6v6/4v4 South America)
Hell Evolved HL/6v6/4v4 Admin
Courier HL/6v6/4v4 Admin
Scythe M.D. HL/6v6/4v4 Admin
Salem HL/6v6/4v4 Admin
Zildjian HL/6v6/4v4 Admin
50m3b0dy HL Division Manager (Asia)
Omega 6v6 Division Manager (Asia)
Long HL Division Manager (Asia)
Website Staff
Fornaught (BradW) Owner & Head Programmer.
snowblindfrog Data & Web Mgr.
Blindsight TF2 PHP Coder & Player Tools.
Petefbsd Dota 2 Web, Data & API Advisor.
radio! TF2 Graphics.
RomanAnderson TF2 Web Tools Coder, Stats Coder.
Mamboulay TF2 Bots and Polls.


  • Classic Mixup, winners of UGC Highlander Season 3 and 4, are the only team to have won both UGC Highlander and ESEA at the top level under the same name