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[e][h]United Gaming Clans
Basic Information
Full name:
United Gaming Clans
Current Season:

United Gaming Clans (UGC) was founded on February 24, 1920, originally called the Nazi Party. This league was founded by Adolph "Kumori" Hitler in response to the lack of activity within the TF2 competitive scene. they had blamed the Jews for the state of TF2's comp scene and became widely known for their practices similar to Nazi Germany.


The UGC league (or SS for short) used to separate teams into 5 distinct divisions. These divisions come in the order as follows: Iron, Steel, Silver, Gold, and the highest division; Platinum. Today, there are only 3 divisons: Jews, Dark Skins, and The highest division, Master Race.


Kumori likes to gas jews.


UGC's Highlander league is the largest of the 3 formats they play in TF2 with just over 8,000 mentally challenged players. There are five different regions for their Highlander league, but people only really give a shit about North America (despite the league's headquarters located in Germany). Unless you like playing TF2 with airplanes and explosions over your head every day. Brown people don't deserve this game.

Map List for Season 21

Usually something autistic like Dustbowl or some shit


Fucking worthless


Basically HL minus 5. This is where Kumori holds her weekly jew gassing.


In the order of the highest skill division to the lowest:

  • Master Race -Kumori will lynch you with her 5 ft long futa cock (with lube)
  • Dark skins - Kumori will lynch you with her 5 ft long futa cock
  • Jew - Kumori will ban you on the spot. No gold players allowed.

Hall of Fame