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Osama "solo" Albeeshi is a division 1 Sniper in European Team Fortress 2 League, Platinum in UGC And Top Division 1 in RGL.

solo's Highlander History

solo started playing in UGC since season 17 playing silver division in team eXtremists as sub sniper. but he cut out during the season shortly. Then his next appearance was also with eXtremists as sub sniper leaving the season with second place medal. Then he started his ETF2L career in 2017 with a mid team Keepo playing as sub sniper playing only the playoff match and lost. He went back to UGC playing for team eXtremists in platinum division as a sub sniper but finished the season reaching 4th place. He didn't stop there and joined the team 0 Friends online as also sub sniper/heavy. He ended the season with low placement. in 2018, Exactly in the middle of season 14, solo joined the team Heroes and Zeroes to continue his career as sniper but being again sub sniper. Luckely he ended up getting 3rd place with his team. And then solo was able to participate in ETF2L Highlander Season 15 leading the team Nakedgaming in mid division as main sniper. Unfortunately he cut the team out in the middle of the season with the reason of "too many loses to reach the playoffs" and "unorganized roster". After a time he was invited to join the team Gaeta eSports in week 4 after his incredible performance in Gaeta eSports's week 4 official match. And then he won 3rd place as main sniper. In UGC. He joined the team Art of throwing as sub sniper in platinum division but they weren't able to reach top 3 placements. Meanwhile in ETF2L. solo left Gaeta eSports to join Ugandan Pizza Police since high division was splitted to 2 divisions (Div1 & Div2); Because Ugandan pizza police were playing in division 1 but Gaeta eSports were playing in division 2. solo was able to win division 1 with Ugandan Pizza Police but taking 2nd place losing the grand finals as sub sniper. solo went back playing for Gaeta eSports again as a main sniper for season 17 division 2. the season was ended and solo got 2nd place in division 2 with the team Gaeta eSports. In season 18, solo again played with Gaeta eSports but in division 1 maining as sniper for them. playing the half of the season but managed to reach the finals with Gaeta eSports but going away with 2nd place in that season.

solo's 6vs6 History

solo's first appearance in 6vs6 was with the team Masters of Reality in UGC league playing sub scout/soldier in steel division season 21. He finished getting 3rd place with his team. solo stopped for a while to focus on his Highlander career. but then he came back to play 6vs6 in ETF2L with the team Nakedgaming in open division season 26 as also sub scout. Nakedgaming was able to reach the playoff but unfortunately they lost at quarter-finals and having playoff placement. Again solo paused playing 6vs6 to give Highlander more focus to get better as sniper. solo wasn't really interested to 6vs6 because he was mostly interested in Highlander as sniper. But then he was offered to play with Gaeta eSports's 6vs6 team as main scout in low division season 31. Instead of playing scout as he was supposed to. He continues to play sniper even in 6vs6!. He ended up not reaching the playoffs but still did a good job as permanent sniper. He didn't stop there and started playing other leagues like OzFortress And AsiaFortress also as permanent sniper due to the high ping (200 ms) in every match.

solo's RGL Prolander History

solo's first experience in RGL was with the team NOVA7 as main sniper in invite division. The team didn't play very well because they were not taking the league too serious and ended up getting low placement. solo didn't stop playing in RGL league. He was offered to join the team Pheonix Sun as main sniper in division 1 season 2. solo was able to get his team to the top 3 almost carrying the team with Mankind pinning the team's name on the 3rd place frame. solo now is playing for the team eXtremists reviving the name of the team as main sniper participating again in invite division for the season 3. but they weren't able to do much and received a 5th place seat in season 3.

Fragvideos appearances