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[edit] This Week's League Maps
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[edit] Featured article: Tip of the Hats 3rd - 5th October
Tip of the Hats logo.png

Undoubtedly everyone's favourite event in the year, Tip of the Hats, has announced their stream dates for 2018: 3rd - 5th October.

The entertainment stream hosts a wide range of games and a wide range of special guests, (Hey, anyone remember Sideshow?) and it's all for a great cause. As every year, all money raised by the stream goes towards Children's Oncology Services, which allows children suffering from cancer to be sent to camps to feel like kids.

There a number of ways you can donate:

[Cash], [In-game items], buying [shirts & mugs] or [hats, stickers and mugs]. You can also win prizes from donating!

Donations are open now.

For full information on guests, games and when what's on, please CLICK HERE

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[edit] TF2 Events
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