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Bяuno grew up in Recife, Pernambuco. Before he played TF2, he played casually Counter Strike 1.6 and Left 4 Dead 2 competitive in '''ZmBR'''. He met TF2 through his brother [[lotusx]], who played as a soldier a few times, forming the first ultiduo team in amateur tournaments like '''LTF2H'''.
==First TF2 team==
====[[KING eSports]]====
KING eSports was the first team Bяuno ever played. He was one of founders and team captain of the firs lineup. He has won two tournaments, they are: [[TBFC_Season_1|Brasil Fortress Season 1]] and [[TBFC_Season_2|Brasil Fortress Season 2]]. He was also runner-up of the [[Chapelaria|Chapelaria Season 2]], third place in [[UGC|UGC Platinum South America]] two times, fourth place in [[FBTF|FBTF Cup Vic Basten Season 4]] and [[Brasil Fortress|Brasil Fortress Invite Season 3]].
==Recent Tournament Matches==
==Recent Tournament Matches==

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[e][h]Medicicon.png Bяuno
Bruno rgc.png
Bяuno playing in RGC (Recife Gaming Club)
Player Information
Bruno Eduardo
November 4, 1995 (1995-11-04) (age 24)
Bяuno, King, KING Bruno
Website Steam Profile Twitch Stream YouTube Channel
First Place Season 1 Season 2 4v4 Season 1 Acess Season 16 Qualified Stage Season 4
Second Place Gladiator Season 2 Open Season 15 4v4 Season 12
Third Place/Semifinalist(s) Season 4 Vic Basten Season 24 Season 26Gladiator Season 3Legatus Season 3Invite Season 3 Season 30Invite Season 4
2016 - 2018
2018 - 2018
2019 - 2019
2019 - Present
Players portal

Bяuno Eduardo is a brazilian player currently playing Medic for Sonikro Academy. He is well known in the community as "KING" because this is the team tag he represented for most of his time playing team fortress 2. His first appearance was in Brasil Fortress Season 1 playing for King's Word (first name of KING eSports). He was champion of that season and voted the best medic of the tournament. After the first tournament, Bяuno also played in other teams like Mail2Kill and Seven SA.

His good performance playing for Seven SA, made him invited to play for Sonikro Academy as Medic, where he won the LBTF2 Acess Season 15 and was the best medic of the tournament.

Recent Tournament Matches

Date Tournament With Result Versus
2019-09-01 Brasil_Fortress Brasil Fortress QS Season 4 Sonikro Academy TF icon.png 2−0 TF icon.png Péricles
2019-08-18 Brasil_Fortress Brasil Fortress QS Season 4 Sonikro Academy TF icon.png 1−0 TF icon.png Sparta
2019-08-12 Brasil_Fortress Brasil Fortress QS Season 4 Sonikro Academy TF icon.png 1−0 TF icon.png Angery Boys
Complete Results in any Match

Contributions to the community

Brasil Fortress Season 2

Bяuno was invited to be the organizer of Brasil Fortress season 2. It was your first experience as a league admin. Bяuno also participated in Brasil Fortress Season 2 as a player and was champion for the second time knocking All Against Giygas in grand final. After season 2, Bяuno left Brasil Fortress staff to be headmaster of Chapelaria.


In 2017, Bяuno joins in Chapelaria as Head-Admin, replacing bagual and Dani. For a long time, Chapelaria was highly praised by the community for organizing good tournaments. Bяuno was considered the best administrator in the south american community. In 2019 he left the Chapelaria after some disagreements with bagual.


Bяuno was one of the founders of HorizonTV. The initial idea was to form a team to comment on community matches but this was not possible at first, so he was a commentator for HorizonTV for a while. Its most famous expression is "nooooossa senhora!" (holy mother!), this happens when some beautiful play is performed.




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